The Government's repossession of the Fanling Golf Course and its proposed conversion of 9.5 hectares for public housing development were successfully passed by the Town Planning Council yesterday (24 December). However, although the proposal for the construction of a golf course has been discussed since last year, the "green light" of the Town Planning Council is still only the first step, after which it still needs to be appealed before being submitted to the Chief Executive in Council for approval. Senior planner Lam Siu-lu, a member of the Panel on Development of the Legislative Council, pointed out that there are still multiple plans to be submitted before the actual housing is built, each change needs to be submitted to the Town Planning Council for assessment, each process has the opportunity to be subject to judicial review, and there have been projects in the past that have been delayed in years due to legal challenges.

There are many applications for entering the city, or small-scale changes, all of them have to be evaluated, and many of them have to be evaluated... In the past, there were programs that seemed to be frozen for many years, and there were 7 years. Lam Siu-lu, member of the Panel on Development of the Legislative Council

▼June 6 The inspection will be reclaimed by the government on the land of Fanling High Course▼


Colombia calls EPD's methodology 'unscientific'

The 32-hectare site of the Old Stadium at Fanling Golf Course was reclaimed by the Government in September this year, after the dispute began a year earlier. The government announced plans in May last year that about 9.5 hectares of the northern end would be used for public housing with about 9,54 units, and submit an environmental impact assessment report to the Environmental Advisory Committee three months later.

However, the golf club released the EIA report commissioned by its consultants, saying that a total of 37 animal species were found in the proposed development area, which were different from the government's EIA report. The EIA review of the EIA report in August last year was inconclusive for nearly 8 hours, and the decision was suspended to request the government to submit more information on ecological studies, including an additional seven-month bird survey.

In May this year, the Environmental Consultative Council held a closed consultation on the additional information submitted by the Land Topping Department and concluded with "broad agreement" and suggested that when considering whether to "give the green light" to grant an environmental permit for a project, the EPD should implement additional conditions requiring changes to the layout of the house to conserve about 5.0 hectares of woods, and the EPD and then the EPD should formally submit the information. However, the above did not allay the suspicions of the club, which still considered the Department's investigation method to be "unscientific" and that there were "serious and substantial errors" in every technical aspect of the EIA report. A week later, the Director of Environmental Protection was able to approve the EIA report for the local development of the golf course.

Fanling Golf Course is located west of Fanjin Road and has no plans to take it back. The picture is taken on October 2022, 10, it is already dusk, but there are still people playing golf ball. (Photo by Ou Jiale)

Public amendments for public review and representation next month Draft plans submitted to the Guild for approval by the end of November

About a month later, the Planning Department submitted a document to the Town Planning Commission stating that the proposed public housing land was revised from "Residential (Type A)" to "Undecided Use", and the remaining 21.65 hectares of land were marked as "Conservation and Recreation" under the proposed "Other Designated Uses", and the planning proposal remained unchanged. At the five public hearings held by the Urban Planning Council this month, amid the controversy, the club filed a judicial review of the EPD's approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report of the Land Development Department before Friday (5st), and the court approved the application for permission, and the hearing was scheduled for August.

Yesterday (24th), the city planning meeting accepted the proposed amendment, which is only the first level of the golf court house. The Town Planning Commission will be required to make the amendments available to the public on the 4th of the following month and receive further submissions within the next three weeks. The Town Planning Committee will consider further submissions received in accordance with the Ordinance and submit the draft plan to the Chief Executive in Council for approval before the expiry of the statutory deadline at the end of November after making a decision.

Lam Siu-lu, a member of the Panel on Development of the Legislative Council, said that the amendment to "undecided use" is only the first step, and it is still unknown how many more disputes will arise after further representation.

How smooth is the middle process? Will it be controversial? Even the original proposal, this meeting will cause legal challenges, as you know, it is only the first step, but the department is one step away from the building Zhong has a row, because the Japanese department really wants to get up, Zhong has to change the picture many times... It's all a new program. Lam Siu-lu, member of the Panel on Development of the Legislative Council

Lin: Every change can face legal challenges

Lam pointed out that each of the existing applications or even minor changes submitted to the Town Planning Commission is an opportunity for people to apply for judicial review or make any legal challenges, and all of them have to be assessed, and the government needs to report the environmental impact to the Town Planning Council, not only ecology, covering lighting, ventilation, noise and air pollution, all of which are part of the EIA, and it is not known whether the Town Planning Council will attach additional conditions for different amendments after the Urban Planning Council.

He said that from the perspective of the public's right to know, each change of use has to go through a procedure, each change of drawing must be approved by the chief executive and the executive council, and each change has to go through a procedure.

Lam Siu-lu, member of the Panel on Development of the Legislative Council. (Profile photo/Photo by Lu Yiming)

Wu Xiwen, public affairs manager of Changchun Society, said that anyone can make a judicial review of the plans under the Town Planning Ordinance, and after the minutes of the meeting of the Town Planning Committee yesterday are released, it can be used to understand the content of each person's speeches and whether the Town Planning Association will do its part to deal with all concerns raised by the complaints, and intend to raise legal challenges under the provisions. As to whether the judicial review of the EIA report by the Colombian Club will affect the construction of housing, he mentioned on his radio programme today that it depends on whether the court accepts it.

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