The Town Planning Commission yesterday (24 December) accepted the Government's proposal to temporarily amend the proposed residential land of about 9.5 hectares of Fanling Golf Course to "undecided use"; On the other hand, the Hong Kong Golf Club has also submitted a judicial review of the environmental impact assessment report of the golf course, and the development direction of the golf course is still unclear. Wu Xiwen, public affairs manager of Changchun Society, said on the 25th that although the procedures of the Urban Planning Committee have been temporarily completed, it has not yet been known whether any groups will take judicial review in response to the relevant results, so it is believed that there are still variables in development.

Wu Xiwen also said that once the club wins the judicial review of the EIA report, the government's EIA work may need to be reversed and restarted, but since the EIA procedure has been revised, the 32-hectare site of the newly revised golf course will not need to be subject to EIA, so how the club will handle the EIA issue after winning the case is full of uncertainties, and the government is expected to explain it.

▼June 6 The inspection will be reclaimed by the government on the land of Fanling High Course▼


The Town Planning Council yesterday accepted the Government's temporary amendment of 9.5 hectares of residential land to "undecided" land for the golf course and will receive further representations next month, and the club responded yesterday that it regretted the decision and reiterated its opposition to the development of housing at the stadium and would "continue to make every effort to face up to the difficulties to ensure that the integrity of the course is not compromised".

The club has recently submitted a judicial review of the EIA report to the court. Wu Xiwen, public affairs manager of Changchun Society, said on radio this morning that if the club loses the case, the government will follow the existing procedures; However, if the case is won, the government may have to reverse and redo the EIA report, which has happened in previous EIA review cases.

Wu Xiwen, assistant public affairs manager of Changchun Society. (Profile photo/Photo by Huang Yongjun)

However, he said that due to some amendments made earlier in the EIAO Ordinance, the EIA process was required for development land of 20 hectares or more, but the threshold of 20 hectares under the new amendments has been raised to 50 hectares, while the reclaimed golf course development land is only 32 hectares, that is, the project is not affected by the EIA under the newly amended project. In the past, if you want to go again, under the new example, you want to go? The government has room to make an explanation."

Goh also said that the judicial review grounds raised by the golf club are reasonable challenges and have been raised in the past few years, depending on how the two parties, especially the golf club, interpret their views in court, and it is not convenient to comment at this time.

As to whether the judicial review will affect the development timetable, he pointed out that according to past cases, the Government had postponed the construction of an artificial beach in Lung Mei, Tai Po for 3 months; The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge was also delayed by at least 9 months due to judicial review.

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