The house is the confirmed birthplace of Anna Sewell, author of Black Beauty. The Queen came to view the monument, as well as learn more about the animal welfare charity.

Queen Camilla / Photo: Getty Images

It's cool today, so Camilla donned a blue three-quarter collared shirt dress with sleeves from Fiona Clare and threw on her new blue cape coat on top.

In her hands, Her Majesty carried a small beige wicker bag with short handles from Bottega Veneta, worth $ 2849. Camilla had her stylish styling and light daytime makeup on her face, several bracelets and a watch with a black leather strap traditionally sparkled on her wrists, and she wore pearl clip earrings.

Queen Camilla / Photo: Getty Images

Last week, Camilla visited Wales with King Charles III. There, for the first time, we saw this blue cape coat on the queen, by the way, it is made in her favorite color, which fans dubbed "royal blue".

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