Early this morning, the Ministry of Emergency Affairs' hotline "112" reported an explosion at a residential building on Tbilisi Ismailov Street in the city of Izmir.

According to the FHN Press Service to the EPA, forces from the FHN State Fire Protection Service's Seventy District Fire Protection Unit were immediately drawn to the area.

During an operational evaluation of the operating conditions at the scene, a two-bedroom apartment kitchen with a total area of 2m² on the 40nd floor of a five-story apartment building was initially identified as an explosion that did not result in a fire caused by a domestic gas leak and left one person in the apartment helpless with injuries.

In 1993, humble Musayeva Elijah Azay's son, Elijah Azay, was rescued and transferred to an emergency medical unit.

The kitchen's door and window frame were knocked out of the kitchen because of the impact of the wave of explosions, damaging the apartment.

Appropriate safety measures have been taken in accordance with operating conditions.
The relevance of the incident is being investigated by agencies.



There was an explosion in a five-story apartment building in seventy.

The EPA reports that there are people injured in the blast.

The first possibility is that the explosion was caused by a gas leak in one of the apartments.

An investigation is under way.

The Ministry of Emergency Affairs has told the EPA that the fire has not been observed since the explosion: "A man injured by the explosion by rescuers has been transferred to emergency crews."