What things to plan? What clothes and jewelry to wear to be lucky in work and love? Which part of the body to pay special attention to? What number will be lucky? What can not be done categorically? These questions are answered by the horoscope of the day.

The current lunar day has the following characteristics:

Astrological advice of the day: Before you take any step, both professionally and personally, you must first weigh all the pros and cons.

Symbol of the day: The tree of knowledge.

Element of the day: Tree.

Lucky day number: 4.

Lucky color of the day: green, malachite, emerald,

Lucky stones of the day: green jade, amazonite.

For which part of the body is responsible: larynx.

Diseases of the day: the larynx will require special attention. Any surgical intervention is contraindicated if it is not done for urgent indications.

Meals of the day: food should be light, but at the same time healthy, nutritious and varied. It is recommended to refuse meat and high-calorie foods.

Haircut of the day: any manipulations with hair must be abandoned.

Summer cottage work of the day: one of the best days to work in the garden.

Magic and mysticism of the day: you can shoot handicrafts, perform rituals of turns, as well as make amulets and charms.

Dreams of the day: this night only colored dreams are fulfilled – you need to pay attention to them.

Taboo of the day: you can not cut trees and uproot flowers.

Quote of the day: "The right choice does not really exist – there is only the choice made and its consequences" (Azerbaijani writer Elchin Safarli).

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