Today, July 19, representatives of all signs of the zodiac must refuse to visit the hairdresser, but for three of them going there is a categorical taboo.

Well-groomed Virgos (22.08 – 23.09), who carefully monitor their appearance, go to the hairdresser as if they were at work – on schedule, trying not to miss a single visit. But today it is better for them to abandon such a campaign, since a haircut made at this time will not have the best effect not only on the appearance of the representatives of the sign, but also on their health.

Purposeful Sagittarius (23.11 – 21.12) go to the hairdresser not on schedule, but at the behest of the soul: so, if in the morning it suddenly seemed to them that they could not do without "tuning", they would give up everything and run away to improve their appearance. But today, the stars categorically do not advise them to do this: the new haircut will be so unsuccessful that they will need time to get used to their reflection in the mirror.

Aquarians (21.01 – 18.02) love to look after themselves – this activity, as a rule, creates a good mood for them. Visiting a hairdresser in this sense is perhaps one of the favorite activities of the representatives of the sign, but today it is better for them to refuse it, because a haircut made that day – even a successful one – will lead to monetary losses, and therefore, it is better to wait.

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