【DSE/Rankings/Champions/Diploma Examination/JUPAS】The 2023 DSE Examination was released on Wednesday (19th), and the Examination and Assessment Bureau announced today (18th) the arrangement of this year's DSE listing, as well as the overall results of candidates, etc., and the number of DSE champions this year was also unveiled. A total of 2 male and 2 female candidates achieved 7** results in 5 subjects, 7 less than last year. Among them, 3 achieved 5** in both the compulsory and extended parts of mathematics, becoming "16 stars" super champions, only 4 of them were crowned, the fewest in DSE history, and this year there was a case of cheating involving a candidate who kept pre-prepared notes and had all subject results cancelled.

▼April 4 DSE Secondary School Diploma Examination Begins▼


【15:23】The oldest age of this year's candidates is 71 years old, applying for one subject, and there are 3 11-year-old candidates, the oldest to apply for 2 subjects.

【15:01】Mainland social platform "Little Red Book" recently had a self-proclaimed "Chinese subject examiner" "DSE 5** Teacher Wang" released a marking reference document with the 2023 DSE "Confidential (for Examiners Only)".

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【14:56】Wei Xiangdong announced that this year, 2 men and 2 female candidates have achieved 7** results in 5 subjects, 7 less than last year. Among them, 3 achieved 5** results in the compulsory and extended parts of mathematics, becoming "16 stars" super champions.

【14:53】A case of cheating involving a candidate hiding pre-prepared notes was discovered by the invigilator, and the bureau considered his explanation in detail, and also asked him to interview him to confirm that he had deliberately cheated and cancel all grades.

【14:50】The HKEAA pointed out that with the support of the Education Bureau and relevant government departments, the HKEAA set up a "designated testing ground" in San Po Kong, and 501 candidates diagnosed with coronavirus disease 2019 took the written examination. In addition, this year, 249 candidates who were absent from the examination due to illness or other reasons applied to the HKEAA for assessment of their results.

This year, 3,898 candidates with special educational needs were provided with special examination arrangements, an increase of about 13% over last year, and more than 840 special examination centres were set up for this purpose.

HKEAA has set up 12 assessment centres in various districts of Hong Kong, employing about 4,300 examiners and about 450 marking assistants to review about 663,000 answers.

【14:45】Choi Siu-kun, Head of Assessment Development of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, announced that this year, one person cheated and took photos of 7 illegal test halls Uploading computer barcodes to the Internet, and there was no plagiarism in school-based assessment for three consecutive years.

【14:40】In the last general studies examination, 90.4% of Japanese school candidates achieved a grade 2 or above.

【14:33】The Secretary for Examinations and Assessment of Hong Kong, Mr Ngai Xiangdong, said that this year, a total of 28691,2 Japanese school candidates achieved Level 71 or above in five subjects, including Chinese Chinese and English and Chinese, meeting the basic local requirements for applying for sub-degree programmes or relevant civil service positions, accounting for 9.0% of the number of day school candidates, an increase of 6.17450% over last year. There were 45,3 day-based candidates who met the basic entry requirements for local bachelor's degree programmes, accounting for 2% of the total number of day-school candidates, a similar proportion as last year. This group of candidates achieved Level <> or above in Liberal Arts in Secondary Chinese and English Chinese Liberal Arts, as well as Level <> or above in Mathematics and General Education.

▼April 4 DSE Secondary School Diploma Examination Begins▼


▼April 4 Candidates diagnosed with new coronavirus disease go to the designated DSE secondary school diploma test site▼


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What is the DSE 2023 Written Examination Period Timeline?

April 2023 to May 4, 21

What are the arrangements for DSE 2023 confirmed COVID candidates?

Confirmed candidates will not be allowed to enter the General/Special Examination Venue, but may choose to take the written examination at the "Designated Examination Venue" of the HKEAA (i.e. the former campus of the College of Arts and Sciences (Kowloon) (address: 96 King Fook Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon) (Examination Room Number: H2400).