How expensive can texting while driving, watch video

Delhi Police Powerful PSA Will Leave You With Thoughts: With the changing times, the way the police work has also changed a lot and this change is very positive. Especially Delhi Police often brings new and creative ideas through social media to make people aware. The latest message from the Delhi Police is for those who message while driving. If you are one of those who text while driving, then just take a look at this video. Perhaps after watching this video, you will not see the mobile even in your dream while driving.

Watch the video here:

Oh my god. LET'S TAKE A LOOK!

— Delhi Police (@DelhiPolice) July 16, 2023

What's going on brother? What is this happening?

From hitting a pole or falling inside a pit to slipping into a swimming pool or slipping down stairs due to instant distraction. This video of Delhi Police captures the dangers of not being fully present while walking. At the end of the video, a powerful message appears on the screen at the end, which reads, 'When you cannot text and walk, how can you text and drive'. In a very innovative and creative way, the police have conveyed their point to the people. Along with warning, there has also been an attempt to give advice on how your small mistake can be overcome.

A deeply moving message

Oh brother... Just take a look, otherwise only the news will reach you, not you. Delhi Police recently shared a video on Twitter and wrote a shocking thing in a funny way. Along with this, he has also added some hashtags, #DontTextAndDrive and #RoadSafety. In the video shared by the Delhi Police, people have shown the dangerous consequences of texting while walking at different places and after that.

Delhi Police's unique style

Since sharing the Delhi Police post, it has been viewed more than 36 thousand times so far. The number of people watching the video is constantly increasing. Apart from this, people are also liking and retweeting it. With this video going viral on social media, people are also giving their reactions. One internet user wrote, "Very good advice. At the same time, 1 wrote, showed and told in the right way. So one wrote that, I take special care of this while walking on the road. Overall, given the way the Delhi Police is connecting with the people, it can be said that now people are not afraid of the police, but are moving forward step by step with them.

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