The moon is in Cancer until 07:41 on July 18

The moon in the water sign Cancer causes the whole range of different emotions, especially since the evening there is a new moon. This is the time for the manifestation of those feelings that a person has long suppressed in himself. Many of us have many emotions, unsuspecting or refusing to acknowledge their existence. During this lunar period, a person is easily susceptible to rapid emotional reactions. Intuitive sensations intensify. Impressionability and excitability increase (especially in women). Increased nervousness and emotionality often lead to an exacerbation of insomnia.

At this time, the breasts, mammary glands, liver and gallbladder are especially vulnerable. There may be disturbances in the functioning of the stomach and the entire digestive system.

Lunar calendar: 29 lunar day from 05:10h to 21:33h on 17th July

One of the hardest and most difficult days of the month in which the dark Ones are activating at the astral level. You should not start anything new, and even better not plan anything and not make important decisions. On this day, do not concern yourself with anything other than habitual and necessary household and life goals.

This is the worst time for business. Now nothing important should be addressed. Do not sign contracts, contracts, do not conclude deals, do not accept new employees in the company, negotiations should also be excluded. Chiefs to refrain from making staff remarks. Do not provoke conflicts. In relations with colleagues, observe strict neutrality.

Be careful, do not succumb to illusions, deceptions and fears. It is necessary to refrain from negative emotions, it is good to forgive all insults, do not take anything inside. Today, many people will be characterized by severe irritability, depression, headaches, exacerbation of chronic diseases, unfounded fears and anxiety, dark thoughts and premonitions can overwhelm you. In such a state, it is difficult to give an objective assessment of events, to make decisions. Relax, if there is such an opportunity, do not overload yourself. Avoid mass activities. Avoid travel if possible because there is a possibility of accidents and unforeseen dangers. Don't make big purchases. By investing money, you risk everything to go to waste. Purchased items will prove useless and unnecessary.

Mystery Day

It is recommended to cleanse the physical body. The negative energy of the home can be cleared by going around all rooms with a lit candle and smoking with incense. Avoid dark places. Do not carry horn and bone products in you. Milk food is good to avoid meat. The diseases that began today are some of the most frightening. It is good to drink melted water: it purifies both the physical and energy body.

Relations on this day are tense. Do not begin to clarify relations, get into disputes and conflicts. Strive for good deeds. With the rising generation, be careful not to irritate them, as they are now very labile. It's hard to control them. Problems can also occur with older people.

It is good to give up sex and even forget that such a thing exists. Now it does not bring good emotions, quite the opposite – you may be in trouble.

Haircut – categorically not recommended.

It's good to have light everywhere. In addition to electricity, it is good to have lit candles, to illuminate every dark corner.

A new moon occurs in Cancer at 21:32 p.m., starting the 1st lunar day, which will last until 06:12 a.m. the next day.

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