Tim Chaddock set off for French Polynesia from Mexico in April, but his cruise boat was badly damaged by a storm just a month after the voyage.

The 51-year-old and his dog Bella survived under a small umbrella aboard his wrecked boat for weeks before they were spotted by a helicopter Thursday looking for tuna for fishing.

A doctor monitoring Mr Chaddock's health from shore and working with the captain of the fishing vessel told Australian broadcaster 9News that the seafarer has "normal vital signs" and is "stable and very healthy".

In a video, Shaddock said: "I went through a very difficult ordeal at sea and I just need rest and good food because I have been alone at sea for so long. I didn't have enough food."

Shadow, from Sydney, Australia, left in the North Pacific after experiencing bad weather weeks after sailing from La Paz on Mexico's Baja California peninsula.

The electronic devices on his boat were damaged by the storm, leaving him unable to call for help.

Shadow survived by collecting rainwater and eating raw fish.

Ocean Survival expert Professor Mike Tipton, from the University of Portsmouth, told Sky News that Mr Chaddock's survival was a combination of luck and skill.

Tom Hanks movie

Shadow's story caught the attention of the public and the media, who soon compared it to the famous Hollywood movie "Cast Away", by American actor Tom Hanks.

The famous film tells the story of a man who gets lost in the middle of the ocean, and remains alone on a deserted island, before deciding to sail out to sea, for months, until he was found by a ship, in an ending similar to Shadow.

Shaddock lived the experience of "Cast Away" in the real world, which made him appear as a hero, because he could brave the high waves alone.