The show is a joint production between the Djerba Arts Center and the Opera Theater in the City of Culture, and the most prominent participants include Nour Shayba, Zahra Al-Agnaf, Amna Al-Jaziri, Yahya Al-Jaziri, Nidal Al-Yahyaoui, Mohammed Al-Aydi and Muhammad Ali Shabel.

The day before the opening, Fadhel Jaziri said that the "Mahlafa" show reconstructs Bedouin wedding rituals in different regions of Tunisia, while valuing this intangible heritage with a contemporary vision and mixing traditional and modern instruments.

The festival's programme, which runs until August 19th, includes concerts by Lebanese stars such as Lebanese Ragheb Alama, Algerian Souad Massy, Syrian Nassif Zeitoun, Tunisian Saber Al-Rubai and Egyptian Mohamed Hamaki.

The program also includes a joint evening by the Turkish band "Taksim Trio" and the Palestinian group "Jubran Trio" and an African evening performed by Nigerian singer Yami Allied and singer Tekken Jah Fakoli from Ivory Coast.

Tunisia's summer season is filled with a series of art festivals by local and international artists, including the Hammamet International Festival launched earlier this month, the Sfax International Festival, the Sousse International Festival and the Nabeul International Festival.