【Consumption Voucher 2023/Consumption Voucher Enquiry/Eligible Consumption/PayMe/BoC Pay/Octopus/Alipay HK Alipay/WeChat Pay HK/Tap & Go】The second tranche of RMB2,000 consumption vouchers will be issued on July 7 at the earliest, but members of the public must ensure that they have completed the eligibility check, otherwise they will not be able to collect the consumption vouchers as scheduled. Octopus users who spend less than $16,6 on 30 June will also be postponed to the next month.

In addition, Octopus will also distribute cash coupons at 7am on the App from July 18 to August 8, including Kara, McDonald's, Japan Town, Starbucks and other merchants, including a $11 cash coupon for OK convenience stores on one day. In other words, if an Octopus user takes a card at an OK convenience store to collect a consumption coupon and then grabs a cash coupon on the App, he will receive a discount of $10.

Octopus 6.30 eligible to spend $3000,<> or more to claim the voucher on time

An additional 10,650 people will be eligible for the second tranche, i.e. about 7.16 million people will be issued as soon as 22 July, including about <>,<> newly eligible registrants.

However, Octopus Consumption Voucher users need to spend $6,30 or more on or before 3 June to receive the second instalment of $000,7 on 16 July at the earliest. If the users have been verified by the Government but are still unable to collect the consumption vouchers as scheduled, they are required to reach $2,000 before the end of the month before the second instalment of the eligible consumption vouchers can be collected on 3 August.

The latest collection date of the Octopus consumption voucher is November 11 this year, i.e. October 16.

Members of the public can collect Octopus consumption vouchers through four channels. (Screenshot of webpage)

Four ways to receive Octopus consumption vouchers

1) Tapping machines (blue machines) of the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme located at MTR stations, light rail passenger service centres, designated terminals and public transport interchanges;

2) all branches of 7-Eleven, OK convenience stores and Wellcome supermarkets (including Market Place, Market Place by Jasons, Jasons ichiba and 3hreesixty);

3) Octopus mobile app (except for mobile phones with NFC function and iOS 13 or below);

4) Octopus Service Station.

▼Octopus App to receive consumption coupons▼


Four enquiry eligibility methods

1. Octopus Consumption Voucher Enquiry Website

Use the Octopus App to check directly (Android phones need to have NFC function, iPhone 2 and iOS 7 or above iPhone)

13. "Octopus Service Stations" in MTR stations and shopping malls3

. Octopus hotline 4 2969

▼Octopus "Ineligible Consumption" Enquiry▼


There are 9 categories of ineligible spending: government charges, utility charges, public body charges, education expenses, purchase of financial products or services, donations, direct purchases from non-local merchants, P2P payments and cash exchange. For enquiries, please also call Octopus' hotline at 2969 5588.

Octopus reminded members of the public to enter the Octopus number of the registered consumption voucher and the last 8 digits of the consumption voucher registration reference number on the Octopus Consumption Voucher Programme website to check the transaction details of "Ineligible Purchases".

Octopus Consumption Voucher Programme website. (Provided by Octopus)

Make good use of the Octopus App access function

In addition, members of the public can make good use of the enquiry function of the Octopus App to know the transaction details and amount related to the consumption vouchers. This function can also help relatives and friends, including the elderly, by entering the number of your Octopus card:

The amount of consumption vouchers that can be claimed/received;
The amount of consumption vouchers that have not yet been collected;
The deadline for receiving the consumption voucher;
.「 Eligible Spend" cumulative total;
Details of the transactions of each eligible and ineligible consumption.

▼April 4 Consumption coupons will be issued for the first phase of 16▼


If the eligibility check is not completed, additional information is required before the consumption voucher will be issued

In addition to insufficient spending on eligible items, members of the public may also fail to collect consumption vouchers as scheduled due to failure to complete the eligibility check. The Government has issued SMS notifications at a specific telephone number (6059 1120).

Members of the public can enquire about their eligibility results and the amount of coupons to be issued through the voice system of the hotline (18 5000). If you are notified that you are not eligible for eligibility, if you object, you can submit a written application for re-examination within 14 days after receiving the relevant SMS notification.


OK Convenience Store Voucher will receive $20 coupon Deductible at the time of payment

From 7 July to 16 July, members of the public can collect Octopus consumption vouchers at their branches and receive 7 coupons worth $22, including packaged beverages or alcoholic products, ice cream/fresh milk/fresh soy milk/cheese products, snack products, bread/cake/sandwich products. The voucher can only be used on each net purchase of $4 or more and is valid until 5 August.


Octopus 7.18 to 8.11 distributes 100,<>,<>,<> cash coupons

Octopus recently launched the "Serial Pop-up Cash Reward", which distributes 7 million cash coupons worth $18.8 million on the Octopus App every 11am from July 10 to August 100, with different merchants participating every day, including Family, McDonald's, Japantown, Starbucks, etc. Cash coupons are valid for two weeks and can only be claimed by each user per day, on a first-come, first-served basis, i.e. a maximum of 750 coupons can be claimed during the promotion period.

1. Open the Octopus App and click "Good Reward" to enter the page.
2. Link any Octopus to the Reward Rewards Programme.
3. Select the merchant who will be interested in the water and distribute the cash coupon, and click to join.
4. Open the Octopus App at 10am and click "Good Appreciation Toot".
5. Click on the pop-up cash coupon and press Download Now.

In addition, Octopus will distribute OK convenience store cash coupons of $7 on July 19. In other words, together with the above $5 coupon, members of the public who receive the consumption voucher with an Octopus can receive the $20 OK convenience store discount.


Consumption vouchers other than Octopus will be automatically distributed to users' e-wallets

For the other 5 operators, namely AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK, PayMe, BoC Pay and Tap &Go, the $2,000 consumption voucher will be automatically distributed to users' e-wallets on the same day, and there is no other way to collect them. As there is no upper limit on the stored value of the above e-wallet, the two phases of the total consumption voucher of $5,000 can be used before the deadline of 1 January next year.

Consumption Voucher 2023 Phase II Second Consumption Voucher Issuance Time and What Electronic Payment Platform Is There?

July 2023, 7; Octopus, Alipay Hong Kong, BoC Pay, PayMe from HSBC, Tap & Go and WeChat Pay HK

What are the details of the Octopus 100,<>,<> cash coupons?

Octopus recently launched the "Serial Pop-up Cash Reward", which will distribute 7 million cash coupons worth $18.8 million on the Octopus App every 11am from 10 July to 100 August. (Details)

Consumption coupons 2023|7.16 issued the second round of $2000 650.22 million citizens eligible New applications accounted for 7,16 7.1 restaurant discounts - 3.7% off the daily push of consumption coupons issued by the catering industry Zhang Yuren expects that the restaurant will increase the promotion of consumption coupons|The government said that it has not reviewed the SMS within 16 days and will contact again Will not immediately lose the eligibility consumption coupons2000.99 to send $3|Maxim's push package <> discount Everyone is happy to push another <> yuan winter melon cup meal consumption coupon|The government sends a short message to spot check the eligibility to receive the invitation Reply within <> days List of specific numbers