This child was Bollywood's first romance king and superstar

New Delhi:

This is the first superstar on screen. Behind this innocent look is the star hidden, behind which the directors used to roam in line. Female fans used to be desperate to get a glimpse of it. This star explained the meaning of real romance on screen and also became the romance king. This crown is now intact on Shah Rukh Khan's head. The difference between the two is that Shah Rukh Khan got true love both in reel life and real life. But before him, this romance king fought a lot on screen but he did not get love in real life. Life was spent only in an argument with the spouse. Do you know who is this child who grew up and shined on the Bollywood screen for years?

This child is none other than Rajesh Khanna. Who is also called Bollywood's first superstar. By the way, there has been more than one star in Bollywood. The industry is full of names and work of great artists like Dev Anand, Dilip Kumar, Sunil Dutt. But no star had ever met Rajesh Khanna i.e. Kaka before him. After the film Aradhana, the girls became crazy about him. It is said that at that time female fans used to sleep with a picture of Rajesh Khanna. His car used to come out of the house clean, but on the way back, there were a lot of lipstick marks. Due to this craze, directors also used to stand in line to sign Rajesh Khanna. The films were a hit as soon as they were released, due to which a jumla became famous in Bollywood - Upar Aka Down Kaka.

Rajesh Khanna married Dimple Khanna, breaking the hearts of millions of his female fans. It is said that Rajesh Khanna was so fond of Dimple Kapadia that there was no thought left except to marry her. After the first film in 1973, Dimple Kapadia married Rajesh Khanna. Both of them also had two daughters. Rajesh Khanna never wanted Dimple Kapadia to return to films. The dispute grew so much that Dimple Kapadia, leaving Rajesh Khanna, started living with her two daughters in her maternal home.

It is also said that before marrying Dimple, Rajesh Khanna was in a relationship with Anju Mahendru. He also stayed in live-in with them. But later the relationship of both of them broke up. After this, there were also reports that Rajesh Khanna had taken out his wedding procession in front of his ex-girlfriend Anju Mahendru's house. At the same time, when Anju Mahendru came to the Bigg Boss house, she also made many revelations about Kaka.