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A small baby from the town of Peshtera, who was admitted in extremely serious condition in the Second Pediatric Department of the Hospital - Pazardzhik, was cured and discharged after two weeks of treatment.

The child was admitted to the Intensive Care Sector on June 27, when he was only a month and 24 days old. It is the 14th in a row for his mother and is improperly fed. At birth, the girl weighs 2600 g, and when taken for treatment she weighs 2500 g. In addition to being malnourished, the baby turns out to be dehydrated, with vomiting, diarrhea, with flaky skin on the face and body, with bilateral eye infection and purulent inflammation, missing subcutaneous fat, with greatly reduced elasticity of the skin, intoxicated, with rapid breathing, wheezing and infirm cough.

Tests have shown that the child has bilateral pneumonia, anemia, hypoproteinemia and hypoalbuminemia, which requires several injections of blood plasma and humane albumin.

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"We admitted the child with severe protein-calorie malnutrition and many more health problems. Antibiotic therapy, oxygen therapy, inhalations and glucose-salt solutions were included in his treatment. We also consulted a dermatologist. After two weeks of therapy, we discharged the baby with improvement and weighing already 3 kg, "said the head of the department Dr. Valentin Danchev, Bulgaria ON AIR reported. He specified that against the background of treatment, feeding with formula with AR formula was also started, which led to the management of gastroesophageal reflux. Such milk and healing creams were provided by the ward and the family of the two-month-old girl to continue her nutrition at home, as well as her therapy to manage skin problems.

The Social Assistance Directorate - Pazardzhik and the Child Protection Department have been notified of the case.


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