The trial of the pro-democracy primary election case was resumed at the West Kowloon Court (Provisional High Court) today (10 December), and Sze Tak, the chairman of the NLD Association, defended himself at the time of the case. He pointed out that after the 2016 Legislative Council election, the NLD lost all seats in the legislature and public support also declined. He hopes to help the NLD win seats and give voice in the Legislative Council that values people's livelihood. He also said that the NLD has always supported China's sovereignty and implemented one country, two systems. But he was dissatisfied with former Chief Executive Carrie Lam's handling of social events in 2019, believing that people's livelihood is also important and needs to express his opinion.

After the 2016 Legislative Council election, the NLPCC's support plummeted

Sze confessed that he was hired as a community officer for the NLD in 2005 and became a member three years later, later becoming the party's vice-president. After the 3 Legislative Council election, the NLD lost all seats in the Legislative Council, the media did not pay much attention to the party, and its public support also declined. At that time, the NLD was re-elected, Shi became the chairman, and resigned in March 2016. He pointed out that in addition to serving the grassroots and promoting democracy, the NLD also supports China's sovereignty and implements one country, two systems.

According to defendant Sze Tak-lai, support also fell after the NLD lost all seats in the Legislative Council in 2016. (Photo by Zhu Dixin)

Government departments will write letters of commendation for good performance

Sze was elected as a District Councillor of Wong Tai Sin in 2016. He emphasised that District Councillors are a bridge between the public and the Government, and that if government departments perform well, they will write letters of commendation and if the Police take action on drug problems in the district. He also liaised on the redevelopment plan for Mei Tung Estate and the then Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

Dissatisfied with Lam's handling of social events in 2019

However, Sze believes that Lam should listen more to public opinion and improve governance. He was dissatisfied with Lam's handling of social events in 2019, believing that even if there are political disputes, people's livelihood is very important and relevant opinions need to be expressed. He also pointed out that at that time, the conflict was not yet intense, and the NLD participated in the joint signature, calling on both sides to calmly handle the incident. Judge Li Yunteng asked whether rational discussion would be feasible in 2020, and Shi admitted that he did not know, but "tried his best to do it".

Defendant Sze Tak Lai said he was dissatisfied with former Chief Executive Carrie Lam's handling of social events in 2019. (Profile picture)

The NLD supported the pro-democracy primaries to increase the odds

He added that in 2020, he registered with the party to participate in the Legislative Council election in the same year and participated in the primary election in Jiudong. He pointed out that after two coordination meetings, Jiudong originally decided to hold only the abstainment mechanism. The NLD supported the pro-democracy faction in holding primaries, either through referendum or abstaining mechanisms, to increase the odds of victory.

Treat the trade unions as competitors rather than enemies

Publicity materials after Shi's election work are displayed in court. Judge Chan Chung-hang noticed that the hashtag in one of Shi's Facebook posts was "deep into enemy positions." Shi explained, the democrats and the establishment are pitted against each other. He was at Lam Tin Kai Street Station, and the main labor and grassroots issues of the trade union union were in the constituency, and the two parties had similar votes. Judge Chan asked whether the federation was seen as an enemy rather than a competitor. Shi responded to the election with some visual and exaggerated adjectives and referred to the union as a competitor.

16 accused on trial. (See the figure below)


The 16 defendants were Ng Cheng Hang (44), Cheng Tat Hung (34), Yang Xueying (36), Peng Zhuoqi (28), Ho Qiming (34), Lau Wai Chung (55), Wong Bi Wan (63), Sze Tak Lai (40), Ho Kwai Lan (32), Chan Chi Chuan (50), Chow Ka Shing (25), Lam Cheuk-ting (45), Leung Kwok-hung (66), Ko Yiu-lin (51), Lee Yuk Xin (29) and Yu Wai Ming (35). The charges allege that between 2020 July 7 and 1 January 2021, the defendants conspired with others to subvert state power.

31 accused who have pleaded guilty. (See the figure below)


The 31 guilty defendants: Tai Yiu-ting, Au Nuo Xuan, Chiu Ka-yin, Chung Kam-lin, Yuen Ka-wai, Leung Hoang Wai, Tsui Zijian, Shum Zijie, Mao Mengjing, Fung Tat Chun, Liu Zefeng, Joshua Wong, Tam Man Ho, Li Ka Tat, Tam Teck Chi, Wu Zhiwei, Chu Kai-di, Zhang Kesen, Wong Ziyue, Yin Siu-kin, Kwok Ka-ki, Wu Min'er, Tam Kaibang, Liu Chin-kuang, Yang Yueqiao, Fan Guowei, Lui Chi-hang, Shum Aohui, Wang Baiyu, Lin Jingnan and Wu Jianwei.

Of the 13 defendants on quasi-bail, 10 pleaded not guilty. (See the figure below)


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