A newborn baby died at the hospital in Lukovit. According to the autopsy, the death occurred as a result of a congenital heart problem, but relatives blame the staff. On Friday at noon, 17-year-old Vesela Ivanova gave birth to a baby boy in a normal way at the hospital in Lukovit, and tomorrow they were due to be discharged.

"The baby was in his weight, the tests were nice, last night they took my baby at about 6:30 a.m., I breastfed him, he was fine again. In the morning I was told that the baby had died, by <>:<> a.m. she got up and I asked her what was wrong with her. They told me that he had two injections to calm him down, not to cry, "said the mother Vesela Ivanova.

The director of the hospital defended his colleagues and explained that after the first 24 hours respiratory problems appeared, accompanied by low saturation. Despite the consultation with the pediatrician, the prescribed therapy, including with urbazone, and the slight improvement that occurred the child died.

Newborn died in the hospital in Karlovo

"Everything that is needed has been done, but at the autopsy performed by a pathologist from Pleven, a major congenital heart defect was found and the colleague believes that this is the main cause of the child's death," explained with Dr. Ivan Ivanov, manager of Lukovit Hospital.

"We want justice because a healthy, right child has been taken from my daughter, this is her second birth," said Yordanka Veselinova, mother of the mother.

The autopsy was performed at the insistence of the hospital management. Relatives are demanding an investigation.


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