The 22-year-old was accused of asking his sister to give him oral sex and touch his vagina when he was only 3 years old, and when his sister was 10 years old, he asked his sister to bathe with him, during which he asked his sister to masturbate for him, and he also touched his sister's vagina and breasts. The younger sister developed depression and self-harm at the age of about 13 and needed psychiatric treatment before revveling the incident. The young man admitted two indecent assault offences in the District Court today (8th) and revealed that he was exposed to adult movies when he was about 10 years old and wanted to find someone to imitate, so he found his sister. The judge adjourned the case until 10 October for intercession and sentencing, during which time the defendant obtained a probationary, community service order, psychological and psychiatric report.

The defendant, Y.L.P. (22), pleaded guilty to two counts of gross indecency towards a child under the age of 16. According to the case, the defendant is the biological brother of girl X, the two are about 7 years apart in age, and they were living with their parents at the time of the crime.

YPL, 22, pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault in the District Court.

Oral sex for a 3-year-old sister while her parents are away

According to the case, the defendant was 10 years old and his sister X was only 3 years old. The defendant once asked X to lick his penis in the bedroom and perform oral sex on his parents while his parents were away. X was horrified but complied, and the defendant put his lower body into X's mouth, during which he had an erection and ejaculated in X's palm. X then went to wash his hands, then leaned against the wall of the bedroom and turned his back to the defendant, who rubbed X's vaginal periphery with his hands from behind.

After bathing, the defendant dried her sister's hair

About seven years later, when X was about 10 years old, the defendant again asked X to take a bath with him while his parents were not at home. The two were naked in the bathroom, the defendant sat on the toilet board, asked X to touch his lower body, and X did so, after which the defendant erected and ejaculated. The defendant then stroked X's chest and vaginal periphery from behind, during which he squeezed X's chest with his hand, causing X to feel pain. The defendant then applied the juice to X, touched X's chest again, and finally showered and dried X's hair.

X depressed self-harm sent to hospital to expose the incident

In November 2021, X was transferred to the hospital for psychiatric treatment because of emotional depression and self-harm, and she revealed to the doctor that she had been sexually assaulted by the defendant many times. The case was referred to the police for follow-up. The defendant was arrested on December 11 of the same year, and he cautioned: "Because I was curious about women at the time, I first made a fuss about A-mei."

After confessing to others that he was rejected, he asked his sister to take a bath

The defendant later revealed in a video interview that he first came into contact with adult films when he was 10 years old, wanted to try to find someone to imitate the behavior of the film actors, and was curious about women and touched the vaginal periphery of X. When he was 17 or 18 years old, friends would discuss sex and prostitutes, and he was curious about sex. But he lacks self-confidence, confesses to others and is rejected, so he thinks of taking a bath with X. The defendant said X initially expressed his reluctance to shower with him, but at his pleading, X eventually agreed.

Case number: DCCC 301/2022

During the development of the girl, she was insulted by her father and brother Official reprimanded father for destroying the family and imprisoned for 29 months Brother touched her chest and sentenced young indecent sister for 4 years, pointing out that her sister took the initiative Sister became homosexual because of disgust Official: Violated morality, permanent imprisonment for 2 years, brother admitted that she had been indecent for 5 years, accused her sister of asking to be touched and sleeping together The official said that she did not believe and sentenced the Pakistani girl to be suspected of being sexually assaulted by her brother Watching the show, she was touched by her father Brother climbed into bed late at night and raped her cousin 30 years ago, sexually assaulted her cousin 30 years ago Acquitted of rape but admitted indecency The crime was committed out of jealousy rather than lust, and the cousin was involved in raping her cousin <> years ago The defendant claimed that only the battery plug was used I didn't know what sexual intercourse was