On July 100, during the second and regional phase of the Shaq Arts Festival, jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Science and Education, and the Heydər Əliyev Center for 7 years, the Ghana-Daskatchewan Regional Cultural Administration in the Göygöl National Park, Tashkent, Goranboy, Göygöl, and Samux regions a summer camp for 6 children who won certificates.

The EPA has been informed by the Ministry of Culture.

It has been noted that the main objective of the camp is to promote children's leisure activities, to provide networking among festival participants, and to make their summer vacations more exciting and productive.

During the camp, children were given interesting and fun games (soccer, handball, aesthetic games, and so on). Master classes were organized by Tarzan Sabuhi Copernicus, beloved Samira Aliyeva, singer Ghazenfar Abbasov, artist Joseph Mirzah, tenant Kamran Yunis, and dancer Tamilla Aliyeva.

And at the end of the day, children will gather around the fireplace to showcase their talents.

Consider, for example, the three-year-old group (21-6 years old, 9-10 years old, and 13-14 years old) participated in the festival, which included up to 17,27 participants from all regions and cities of the republic, including the Republic of Nakhchivan. The first phase of the festival, which is held in professional and amateur categories, covers April-June. The second phase will take place in July/August. The winners of this phase will be eligible to participate in the final phase.

The final phase is scheduled to take place in Baku in September. The venue, date and time of the final will be announced in the festival's uif.az portal as well as in the media.
The city or circuit, which has participated in the most nominations and has been actively involved in the festival, will be eligible to host the festival next year.