The nearly 18-year-old garbage levy from discussion to the passage of the law was originally scheduled to be implemented by the end of this year, and even the Secretary for the Environment and Ecology, Mr Tse Chin-wan, reiterated in April that the timetable remained unchanged, but the recent blowing wind is expected to be postponed to April next year. Some environmental groups expressed great disappointment, criticizing the bureau for failing to meet the 4-month preparation period set when the ordinance was passed that year, and having to re-tender during the tender process, failing to grasp the entire package, which was a breach of trust to the public.
The Group urged the Government to immediately launch an overwhelming publicity campaign on the details of the garbage levy, and also agreed to provide grassroots residents including public housing and "three-nil buildings" to rural villagers in the early stage of implementation, so that the public can adapt as soon as possible.

Garbage levy | cannot be implemented at the end of the year, the government plans to postpone the fee for one quarter in April 2024

Green Earth is expected to delay the implementation of the tender

Mr Lau Chi-fung, Director General of Green Cherish the Earth, said he was disappointed if the levy was postponed from the end of this year to 4 April next year, as it was recalled that the Secretary for Environment and Ecology, Mr Tse Chin-wan, reiterated that the re-tendering of designated garbage bags would not affect the timing of the levy at the end of the year. He believes that as the Director, he should not speak lightly, because his words are public promises, and even if there is a rumor of an extension today, it is not clear that there is anything wrong with it, and now it seems that the Director has broken the trust of the public as an accountable Director, and has not fulfilled his promise to set an 1-month preparation period under the ordinance in August 2021.

Lau estimated that the tender failed last year, and the re-tender for designated garbage bags delayed time, although the government has completed the tender and is expected to decide on the winning bidder in August, and the contractor concerned will purchase materials and produce the designated garbage bags from September to November, and it is estimated that the finished products will not be available until December, but there are holidays or affect the delivery in that month, so the levy cannot be implemented at the end of the year.

He also pointed out that the re-tender has reduced the number of recycled materials in designated garbage bags from 5% to <>%, which is actually not ideal, and he hopes that the government will do a good job in the acceptance of finished products.

Liu Zhifeng, Director General of Huantuan Green Cherish Earth. (Profile photo / Photo by Li Zetong)

Awareness of levy should be disseminated to the public immediately

Lau believes that if the government takes the end of the year as the implementation date of the levy, the publicity efforts seen at present are insufficient, many members of the public do not know what the garbage levy is, even if it is really extended to April next year, this must be a "dead line", and it is necessary to start publicizing and educating the public from now on, through different media, television, radio and online platforms, start to widely publicize, invite singers or "Sister Jiayan" as spokespersons to different people, and the closer the charging day is, the more the publicity frequency density must be encrypted, and a hotline should be set up. Manual or AI to answer citizen queries.

He understood that the Government would set up an adaptation period for members of the public in the early stage of the garbage levy, and would distribute designated garbage bags free of charge to grassroots members of the public, such as public housing, "three-nil buildings" and rural villagers. However, he believes that the free distribution must be limited and cannot be extended indefinitely in order to enable the public to adapt to the fee as soon as possible.

Subsidize the cost of food waste transportation to incentivize

At the same time, food waste recycling should also be coordinated with the implementation of garbage levy, and Lau suggested that the Government should set up "stopover stations" in District 18, which could be located next to large-scale garbage collection stations, and the public should bear the transportation costs, so as to reduce the transportation cost of food waste from food waste machines in housing estates, so as to encourage the recycling of food waste.

Political parties are also in favour of providing designated garbage bags free of charge initially

DAB Legislative Council member Ge Peifan said that he was concerned about how residents of public housing, "three-nil buildings" and rural village housing could cooperate with the implementation of garbage levy, so the party had proposed to the government to distribute designated garbage bags free of charge to such households in the early stage of implementation.

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