If you are troubled by thin eyebrows, then adopt this panacea recipe.

Special things

  • You are troubled by thin eyebrows.
  • So let's tell you the desi recipe.
  • This will make the eyebrows thicker in a few days.

How To Make Eyebrow Thick: Nowadays hair fall has become a common problem, not only the hair of the skull but also the hair of the eyebrows or eyelash starts to fall, due to which the eyebrows become very thin and to hide it, people use eyebrow pencil or go to the parlor and get expensive eyebrow fillers. But today we tell you how you can make your eyebrows black and dense with 5 amazing home remedies at home.

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Natural way to make eyebrows black and thick

Massage with coconut oil

If you want to make your eyebrows thick and black, then apply it on your eyebrows by heating olive oil or coconut oil lightly before sleeping every night. You can also mix olive and almond oil and apply it.

Apply aloe vera gel before going to bed

Aloe vera gel is also extremely beneficial for thickening the eyebrows. If you have oily skin and you do not want to apply oil, then you can apply fresh aloe vera gel on your eyebrows for half an hour or overnight.

Massage with milk

Yes, you can massage your eyebrows with raw milk to thicken the eyebrows. For this, take raw milk in a bowl, dip the cotton pad in it and rub it on your eyebrows with light hands.

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Use petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly or Vaseline is also very effective to make the eyebrows dense. Before going to bed at night, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on your eyebrows and massage it with light hands and wipe it with a clean cloth and sleep.

Green tea will increase eyebrow growth

Green tea is effective in the growth of eyebrows. For this, make a plain green tea and cool it and then dip the cotton pad in it and apply it on the eyebrows and eyelashes. You can apply it overnight or even for one to one and a half hours. The antioxidant elements present in it improve the growth of the eyebrows.

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