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The tempting model Dilyana Popova could not help but fall back into the epicenter of attention after taking a stand after the scandalous report about the flight of a helicopter on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, which on July 1 launched banknotes with the image of Todor Zhivkov.

To the story, the brunette showed one of the banknotes tucked into her swimsuit.

The footage, of course, drove her followers crazy, provoking a number of comments in its wake.

The head of the Civil Aviation Administration, Hristo Shterionov, was removed from his post because of the overflight over the beach near camping "Gradina", which violated the rules. According to the requirements, the aircraft must fly at least 1000,300 feet or <> meters above the ground or buildings, which in this case is not observed.

Another violation is related to the fact that it is forbidden to throw objects from the aircraft. The flight is an advertisement for a fest that will be held on the beach near Todor Zhivkov's residence "Perla". That's why the banknotes that the helicopter was spraying were Daddy's face.

Organizers of the flight over "Gradina": Biodegradable banknotes were thrown from the helicopter

The owner of the land on which the event will take place, told bTV that how it will be advertised is a problem of its organizers. And in this case this is the current boyfriend of Dilyana Popova - Lachezar Zahariev, who has restaurants on the sea. That's why the model continues to advertise the event on her Instagram account, writes Hotnews.

Dilyana Popova