In Nagaland, large leaves are used for packing. Watch organic packing in the video

Due to plastic, pollution has reached dangerous levels all over the world. The waste of plastic bags has become a threat to the health of a large number of animals and birds on land and in the sea. On the occasion of International Plastic Bag Free Day 3 on July 2023, programs were organized for awareness around the world on this issue. On this occasion, Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along has made a post on Twitter (Twitter post). The post shows that in Nagaland news, single-use plastic is used non-use (video of organic packaging). There are large leaves and local things used for packing vegetables and other things.

See the post here

What is World Plastic Bag Free Day?

— Temgen Imna Along (@AlongImna) July 3, 2023

In the caption of this video shared by Temjen Imna Along from her official account, she wrote, 'Today speaking, is there a World Plastic Bag Free Day?' He also goes to the shop and shows vegetables packed in banana leaves. He said that plastic bags are rarely seen in Naganand.

This post has been appreciated by many people. More than 30 thousand people have seen it so far. Many people have talked about completely banning single-use plastic bags and adopting organic packing in other states as well. Another user wrote, "This kind of packing is very important from the environmental point of view."

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