Homemade Bags: You can make eco-friendly bags at home.

International Plastic Bag Free Day: We have been hearing since childhood that plastic damages the environment and when plastic bags, bottles, spoons, glasses and plates are thrown away, they continue to accumulate on the surface of the earth or in rivers and seas for years. Due to this, there is a ban on single-use plastic in India. Yet plastic is used in many forms. International Plastic Bag Free Day is celebrated every year on July 3 to highlight the problems caused by plastic and to encourage people to use it sparingly. This day was first celebrated in the year 2010. The credit for celebrating this day goes to the Bag Free World Organization, which made many campaigns and efforts to make people aware of the deadly effects of plastic on the environment.

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Even at your level, you can contribute to environmental protection by minimizing or not using plastic. Instead of plastic bags, you can use bags made of paper or cloth.

To make a paper bag, take any paper brown or white. Draw straight lines on it and fold it as shown in the video. When the shape of the bag is completely formed, make a hole at the end and tie the rope or thread. Your bag is just ready.

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Canvas bags made of cloth are very trendy nowadays. To make such bags, take a cotton cloth and cut the shape of the bag and sew it. Sew the strap firmly on it. After this, any design of your choice can be made on the bag.

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