On 30 June, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark took part in the Jubilee Parade and the transfer of the Royal Clock at Livgardens-Caserne, Copenhagen. Traditionally, the Queen handed the watch to one guardsman for his exceptional work.

Margrethe II / Photo: Getty Images

This year, Anton Mondrup Langdahl was elected.

For the parade, Margrethe II wore a pach-colored dress below the knees and a wide-brimmed hat to match. The Queen of Denmark also wore a dark jacket whose collar is made in the same color as her dress.

Margrethe's look was complemented by a brooch, an order on his lapel, earrings and black shoes. Also, the 83-year-old queen had a perfect red manicure, and makeup with red lipstick on her face. In her hand, the monarch held a bag and gloves.

Margrethe II / Photo: Getty Images

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