Listening to this song, do you also have nostalgia?

New Delhi:

'Chandrakanta's story, it is considered old, how beautiful it seems even though it is old'. By reading and listening to this song, you must have also been lost in the era when there was a show called Chandrakanta on Doordarshan, which created history. Along with the story of this serial, its title track is also fresh in the minds of the audience. Once you hear it, you will not be able to live without humming. The song has been viewed more than 25 lakh times on YouTube.

This song is memorable.

When the love story 'Chandrakanta' of Princess Chandrakanta of Vijaygarh and Prince of Naugarh appeared on the TV screen, it not only proved to be a super hit but also made its home in the hearts of the people. It started in the year 1994 and lasted till 1996, but its memories are still alive in the hearts of the audience. Based on Devkinandan Khatri's novel 'Chandrakanta' in 1888, the story of this TV serial was amazing, its title track was also amazing. This song was liked so much that people still get lost in that era by listening to it.

These artists breathed life into the story

Actress Shikha Swaroop was in the title role in the serial and along with her, actors like Shahbaz Khan, Pankaj Dhir, Vinod Kapoor, Akhilendra Mishra, Kritika Desai and Surendra Pal also made a splash with their tremendous acting in this show. Neerja Guleri directed the show and Usha Khanna gave its music. The height that the show achieved in just two years is the history of Indian television. The title track of the show is the story of Chandrakanta. It became so popular that even today it has not been able to get out of people's tongues.

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