Taiwan's restaurant's strange dish leaves people stunned

In the era of social media, nothing strange can avoid going viral on the Internet. A strange dish made by a Taiwanese restaurant has recently gained popularity due to one of its peculiar ingredients. According to Taiwan News, a restaurant in the town of Duliu in Yunlin County launched its "Godzilla" ramen, which included crocodile meat as the main ingredient.

The news portal further said that "Godzilla" Ramen "Godzilla" Ramen, which is prepared by steaming or bracing the crocodile's front leg.

In one clip, a girl is seen eating this strange dish and telling people about its taste, how delicious that dish is.

Watch the video:

In the video, the woman claimed that the boiled meat of the dish tastes like pig's feet, while the boiled version of the dish tastes like chicken. The restaurant owner learned to prepare hot "witch soup" during a trip to Thailand, and it is said that the soup contains more than 40 different spices.

This is not the first time that a Taiwanese dish has gone viral due to its unique ingredients.

Last month, a Taipei Ramon restaurant began putting giant isopods, a mysterious 14-legged deep-sea creature, into a bowl of noodles and photos of the dish have gone viral on social media around the world.

The name of the restaurant is Ramon Boy Noodle Bar, which is located in Zhongshan district of Taipei.

The restaurant enthusiastically explained the limited-edition dish in a post on its official Facebook page. In which it was first mentioned that she "finally got this dream content!" The giant isopods are known as the "Big King Pods".

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