The tunnel that was closed in the capital, Zia Bunyadov, was restored.

The EPA reports that the trucks involved in the crash have been removed from the area by being divided into sections.

Currently, the road is open in the section of the prospectus.


01:38 p.m.

A major road accident took an accident in the vicinity of Nerimanov, Baku.

The EPA reports that the incident took place on a road transmitter in Zia Bunyadov Prospect.

As a result, the driver of a truck branded KamAZ, which was carrying an iron pipe, lost control. As a result, the truck crashed into trucks branded Mercedes and Gazelle in the same direction.

The unconfirmed KamAZ has climbed to the opposite side by slamming into a road concrete in the tunnel.

Meanwhile, tiny vehicles branded Toyota, Range Rover, and Hyundai were hit by a truck.

"KamAZ" stopped by slamming into a concrete wall. Elnur Alexanderov, the driver of the Mercedes truck, has told the EPA that the driver of the KamAZ has fallen asleep behind the wheel.

The driver of the KamAZ and Gazelle was hospitalized with serious bodily injuries as a result of the accident.

Partners from the Nerimanov Regional Police Department and the Road Patrol Service were drawn to the area.

To ensure safety, traffic was restricted in the tunnel from Zia Bunyadov Prospect on January 20.

Drivers have been recommended to use alternative routes.

Currently, work is under way to remove heavy-duty vehicles from the area by evacuator.


00:40 p.m.

There was a traffic accident involving six vehicles in Baku.

The EPA reports that the incident was recorded in zia Bunyadov Prospect.