One of the world's leading shareholders of Microsoft and serving for 14 years as the company's Chief Technology Executive, Dr Nathan Myhrvold has completed his tourist break in Nyerere and Ruaha National Parks and left with the pleasure of being in the country with his family.

Dr Nathan speaking to the visiting executives of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism led by Secretary-General, Dr Hassan Abbasi, on May 9, 2023 while in the United States, promised to come to Tanzania to rest and he fulfilled the promise.

"I am very impressed with the tourist attractions of Tanzania. I have been to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro in the past and this trip I have been fortunate to visit Ruaha and Nyerere are among the most beautiful places in the world. We are very happy," Nathan said before departing on his private jet at Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam yesterday to return to the United States.

"It is a comfort that when we were in May in Seattle, United States and had the opportunity to meet him and other plans he had he was persuaded to come to Tanzania again and we heard him here himself say he was happy with his family and today (the youth) on behalf of our minister, Mohamed Mchengerwa, we have come here to give them a little gift and say goodbye," said Dr Abbasi, with the Chief Executive of the Tourism Board (TTB). David is dead.

Dr. Nathan, along with Microsoft and Intellectual Venture Group founder and chief executive, has also invested alongside Bill Gates in another major research firm TerraPower.

He is regarded as one of the greatest scientists and discoverers of modern times and one of the discoverers of the software "microsoft windows," also co-author with Bill Gates of the world-renowned book "The Road Ahead."

Through his Intellectual Ventures, Nathan is considered one of the three largest Americans who legally own and commercially use copyrights worth billions of different scientific discoveries.

Dr Nathan, who is also a researcher in food science and has built a special food research laboratory, writing a series of books: "Modernist Cuisines: The Art and Science of Cooking," expressed admiration for the flavors of some of the foods he ate in Tanzania such as ugali, squid and goat soup. He has promised to continue to explore Tanzania's cuisine.