Further surveillance measures by colleagues of the State Ecological Safety Service have identified vehicles carrying land, sand, and mixed milk during the night in the Sabuncu, Xerxes, and Benghazi regions of Baku.

The EPA has been informed by ETSN.

It has been noted that in the Sabuncu region, "Ford" branded 50-EG-722, "HOWO" branded 01-CE-885, "MAN" branded 77-HZ-513, 77-HZ-421, 77-HZ-573, "Kamaz" branded 01-BE-465, in the town of Zabrat, Ford branded 99-ZN-832, Shagman branded 99-SF-995, Mercedes branded 99-XB-788, "Kamaz" branded 50-BS-205, 77-BO-431, 90-ET-153, 90-HM-153, 10-BY-326, 90-CO-715, Kamaz branded in the Benghadi region, 60-BH-864, 77-BO-431, "HOWO" branded 90-UG-673, "Kamaz" branded 56-BX-416, 56-BD-562, "MAZ" branded 56-BA-973 state-owned vehicles have been identified.

Acts relating to the facts have been drawn up and referred to the Interior Ministry's Chief State Road Police Administration to identify those belonging to the vehicles. Later, legal action will be taken to ensure that violators are held accountable for administrative liability.