Michael Jordan's shoes auctioned

Although there are precious things in the world, whose price cannot be imagined, many times things related to legends are also sold at a very expensive price. Basketball player Michael Jordan's flu game shoes worn in the fifth match of the NBA Finals in 1997 have sold for $ 1.38 million. These shoes were bought at such a big bid in the auction. At the same time, people are surprised to know the price. Let me tell you, this match in 1997 is also known as flu games, because it was Michael Jordan's best match and at that time he was troubled by flu. As such, these shoes are considered prized for him as well as his fans. The auction was held in New York.

Let me tell
you that, along with being a famous basketball player, Michael Jordan has many such prized items, which are valued in crores today. This includes sneakers as well as match T-shirts and other accessories, the flu games sneakers that have been purchased in a recent bid were played against the Utah Jazz and Jordan performed brilliantly. The fan who bought these shoes of Michael at such an expensive bid is being called a big fan of Jordan.

People remember that, when the NBA's flu game match took place in Chicago, Michael Jordan took part in the match despite having fever and food poisoning and played a great match. Although these shoes have been sold for millions, they are not the most valuable shoes sold by Michael Jordan so far. Earlier, in the final basketball match in 1998, the shoes worn by Jordan were sold for a higher price.

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