Yoga for Better Sleep: Do some yoga asanas to get good sleep.

International Day of Yoga 2023: It is very important to get a restful sleep at night. Those people who do not get enough sleep also have to face problems in working the next day. Sitting again and again, sleep comes and the body feels broken, so different. At the same time, lack of sleep or not getting good sleep causes headache, which seems to be a cause of trouble. In such a situation, there are some yoga poses that can remove the problem of your sleeplessness. The yoga asanas given here relax the body and by doing them you will be able to get a good sleep of peace.

Yoga for deep sleep . Yoga Poses For Deep Sleep

Bailey Breathing

There are many different ways to do this yoga, one of which is being given here. Belly breathing helps you take deep and full breaths. This causes a soothing effect on the body and leads to good sleep. To do this yogaasana, lie down on the back and keep the knees slightly raised. You can also place a pillow under the knees. After this, place the palm on the stomach. Take a deep breath that you feel in the stomach. The stomach will swell with breath. After this, exhale. Hold this yogasana (Yogasana) for a while.


Balasana can be done for good sleep. Balasana is very easy to do and it gives the whole body a feeling of comfort. To do Balasana, sit with your feet bent on the knees. Now tilt your body forward and place the head off the ground. Both your hands should be on the ground in front of you. Your posture will look exactly like a small child. Leave this pose after holding it for a while.

Posture of meditation

Yoga sitting in a meditative posture helps in getting good sleep. This removes stress and makes the body feel relieved. You can also sit on the bed in meditation posture. Sit down and place both hands on the knees in a meditative posture. After this, close the eyes and take a deep breath. Inhale deeply, sit for a while and then exhale slowly. After doing this for a while, the body will feel peace and happiness.

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