On June 18, at 02:10 p.m., a joint operation by the State Border Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs prevented the transfer of large quantities of drugs from the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

According to the EPA from the State Border Service Press Center, the Shevrolet branded 77 PX 201 state-owned vehicle near the village of Heleg in Belarus was detained during the events because of suspicion.

During a car inspection, a total of more than 102 pounds [1200 kg] of drugs and 40,<> "methadone M-<>" pills were detected.

The study identified the detainees as the son of Humble Ismailia resident Huseynov Gorzam Jacob in 1977 and the son of Rzayeva Vali Imdat, a humble Benghazi resident in 1995.

On June 18, at 11:30 p.m., a border search and operation by colleagues of the State Border Service's Border Force's "Göytepa" border force in the service area of the border post near the village of Sarhanli in Galilee uncovered a total of 1 kilograms 5 grams ofmarijuana in a brush area.

Investigations into the facts are under consideration.



A joint operation by the Interior Ministry and State Border Service partners has resulted in the removal of a total of just over 102 pounds of drugs and 1200,<> powerful reassuring pills from the illicit circulation.

The EPA reports that it has been informed by religion. According to reports, a 46-year-old Baku city resident who was detained in the Belarusian region was found to weigh more than 97 pounds [338 kg] of marijuana, 5 kilograms [10 grams] of heroin, 1200,1 methadone pills, and <> bank card.