King Harald V of Norway and his wife Queen Sonja have been spending several days in Denmark. This visit is intended to strengthen historical ties and close good-neighborly relations between the countries and the two royal houses.

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is responsible for the couple's leisure time, as she first organized a gala dinner in the palace of Christian VII in their honor, and on Saturday, June 17, she went with them to Sagnlandet Lejre, an open-air park with the reconstruction of several historical periods in Denmark.

For an active day outdoors, Queen Margrethe II wore a light yellow vichy cell dress that was paired with a jacket and white moccasins. She also had a small bag hanging on her shoulder, her waist was decorated with a large yellow belt with a buckle, and her ears were decorated with large round earrings with daisies.

Margrethe II, King Harald V, Queen Sonja / Photo: Getty Images

Queen Sonia chose comfortable sneakers, a white blouse with perforations and wide olive-colored linen pants for the walk. The look was complemented by jewelry with green stones, a bag and sunglasses. King Harald of Norway chose trousers, a blue jacket, a plaid shirt and a cap.

Margrethe II, King Harald V, Queen Sonja / Photo: Getty Images

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