Sudden recklessness in Astara has led to the death of a master.

According to the EPA's southern bureau, the incident took place in the village of Pensar, in the district, at a construction site.

In 1961, humble Zeynalov, a resident of archivan, suddenly exploded while cutting a rod with a lagon, the son of Pharaoh's Subhan. In Lagoon, the machine was cut off by a skilled craftsman. The wounded were taken to Lancashire Regional Hospital in critical condition. The wounded man has been diagnosed with a deep cut to the head- to - face wound. Despite the efforts of doctors, his life was not saved. The Court has been transferred to the Lancashire Department of Medical Expertise and Pathological Anatomy for examination.

The first possibility is that the craftsman's cutting of the ribs contained chemicals or residues of debris.

An investigation is under way at the Astara District Attorney's Office into the facts.

Ilkin Rzayev