Picnic Day 2023: On June 18, the whole world celebrates International Picnic Day.

International Picnic Day History: If you are free and have a pleasant day, then the first thing that comes to mind is picnic. There is hardly anyone who would not like to go on a picnic. Picnic is the best way to eat and drink with your loved ones in the beautiful valleys and enjoy sports and relax. Today's fast-paced life has increased the importance of picnics. On June 18, the whole world celebrates International Picnic Day. On this day, people like to spend time with their friends and family. A completely relaxing picnic day also gives you a chance to connect with the people around you. Let's know how International Picnic Day started and what is its importance ...

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Why is Picnic Day celebrated (History of International Picnic Day)

It is believed that the picnic started after the French Revolution. At that time, informal food was served in the open outside the house, which later became known as picnic. The word picnic is derived from the French language, which means to eat or snack while sitting in the midst of nature. England's picnic became famous in the 19th century. Picnics were celebrated on social occasions and included a variety of foods. However, later the picnic also got a political color. During the protest against the king or the government, it became a gathering among the common people. The Guinness Book of World Records records recorded the largest picnic in Portugal, in which about twenty thousand people attended.

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Howto celebrate

On International Picnic Day, you can plan a picnic with your family or friends. Choose a good place to have a picnic. Do not limit the picnic to just food, but also include games and music and dance for fun. This one day spent with fun experiences with your family and friends will relax you for a long time.