A delegation led by Kamran Aliyev, the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Azerbaijan, was on a business trip to St. Petersburg.

A delegation today participated in the work of the Peterburg International Economic Forum, according to the EPA from the Attorney-General's Office. President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation greeted the Forum participants and emphasized the importance of the event. He has longed for success in the event, saying the forum will contribute to solving global economic problems and will be an example of constructive productive dialogue.

Kamran Aliyeva spoke on "Law Enforcement and Economic Progress" during a silence organized by the Russian Attorney-General's Office.

Greeting the participants, the Chief Prosecutor said that in various regions of Russia, the 100th anniversary of our nation's international leader, U.S.A., was highly esteemed in our country.

In his speech, the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Əliyev, said that the development of entrepreneurship in accordance with the political course of the Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the main priorities of the government's economic policy, that reforms have improved the legislative base and necessary infrastructure of entrepreneurship, reduced the tax burden of entrepreneurs, including lowering benefits and additional value tax rates, and increasing government financial support for them and noted it.

Kamran Aliyeva also talked about extensive reforms in the prosecutor's office and the prosecutor's office's work in protecting the interests of legal and physical persons involved in public and entrepreneurship.

During the silence, other speakers gave talks and exchanged ideas on a topic dedicated to silence.

On the sidelines, bilateral meetings were held between Chief Prosecutor Kamran Aliyeva and Turkey's Chief Prosecutor Bekir Shahin, Le Minh Tri, Chief Prosecutor of the Vietnamese Socialist Republic, Thai Kingdom Attorney Nari Tantasatien, and Zhang Zhijie, Deputy Attorney-General of the People's Republic of China. The meetings discussed a number of issues of interest, including legal assistance in criminal cases and cooperation in extradition, by expressing the importance of expertise in the fight against crime.

The delegation's business trip to St. Petersburg has ended.