Queen Margrethe II of Denmark hosted a gala dinner at Christian VII Palace in Amalienborg in honor of King Harald of Norway and his wife Queen Sonja, who have arrived in the country for a two-day official visit. This visit is intended to strengthen historical ties and close good-neighborly relations between the countries and the two royal houses.

At dinner, 83-year-old Margrethe II showed off a lavish evening look as she wore a long dress with a puffy skirt, three-quarter sleeves and a square neckline.

The dress was adorned with a red and coral floral print and a wide belt with pleats. The queen complemented the image with pendants, a red and blue ribbon, as well as a jewelry set: chandelier earrings with rubies and diamonds and a brooch, which she attached to the neckline of the dress.

Margrethe II / Photo: Getty Images

A special detail of this image was Poiret's Pearl Tiara. The jewellery in the Queen's family has long been and is one of her favorites. Margrethe began wearing it after becoming queen in January 1972.

Margrethe II / Photo: Getty Images

But the story of the tiara begins with Princess Louise of Prussia when she married Prince Frederick of the Netherlands in 1825. For the wedding, her father, King Frederick William III, gave her this tiara. The tiara was then passed down from generation to generation as Louise's daughters and grandchildren married princes from other countries until it was transferred to the Danish Royal Property Fund in 1926, meaning it belongs to the current current monarch and not to any person.

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