The Ministry of Emergency Affairs, along with the FHN's Sumatra Regional Center for Surveillance and Water Rescue, held consultations with the FHN on "Providing Safety in Waterfalls" in Sumatra and the Southern Regional Center in Lancashire and Astara.

According to the FHN to the EPA, the consultants were attended by officials from city and circuit executive authorities, representatives of the administrative district, guidelines, police and education departments, emergency medical units, local hygiene and epidemiology centers, and other relevant agencies.

The results of monitoring water reservoirs in the region have been reported, and photographs of defects have been discussed extensively.

Speakers at the consultations also provided information on rules governing the safety of citizens on beaches during the summer season, the state of education, and the relevance of water reservoirs in the country.

Finally, a video clip was shown entitled "Safety and Behavior in Waterfalls."