In 2010, a series of arsons on Garden Street in Mong Kok resulted in a three-degree fire affecting 29 ground shops and 49 stalls. Later, the arsonist surnamed Jiang admitted to venting with a lighter for greed, and was eventually sentenced to 6 years and 4 months in prison. 12 years later, some people burned garbage cans in Yanqing Building in San Po Kong many times, suspected that someone would repeat the mistake of arson again, and was locked by the police and arrested for arson after committing the crime last night (12th).
At that time, the fire alarm left scars in the hearts of the stall owners on Huayuan Street, and now they avoid mentioning sad things: "Well, it's good to say, everyone is so sad, and I remember my dreams." Some stall owners were surprised that the madmen set fire again.

In 2010, Mong Kok Garden was set on fire, resulting in a three-degree fire in the stalls of Fyuan Street, affecting 29 shops and 49 stalls. (Photo by Chen Yongyun)

The stall owner who sold bags on Huayuan Street could only watch the stall burned out in the whites of his eyes, and said excitedly: "I don't have enough money to bury and bury the money!" Recalling the fire alarm back then, she sighed: "Well, it's good to say, everyone is so sad, and I remember my dreams." Regarding the madman's suspicion of committing another crime after being released from prison, she bluntly said: "You should be caught!"

In addition, the stall owner who sold women's underwear recalled that in the middle of the night, someone called her to inform her that there was a fire in the stall, and she immediately arrived by taxi, but the fire department did not allow her to enter and push away the goods, and in the end, she could only watch the goods go to fire, pointing out that at that time, without taking into account the goods and rebuilding the stalls, the loss was "10,8 (yuan)". When she learned that the arsonist had reappeared, she couldn't help but exclaim, "Scared! Hmm? Exaggeration!"

As for the owner of the stall selling masks, he recalled that after the fire alarm, the entire stall was burned down. In addition, the stall collapsed due to the fire, and all the goods were pressed and could not be retrieved. She pointed out that since then, each stall has been separated by a distance according to the instructions of FEHD, and at the same time, when the stalls of the entire Garden Street are closed at night, all the goods will be packed up and no longer left in the stalls.

Frequent garbage cans set fire to Yanqing Building in San Po Kong Police detained a 44-year-old male

An arson incident occurred in the first building in San Po Kong. At about 12 pm yesterday (9th), a female resident of Yanqing Building, No. 34 to 58 Yanqing Street, found that there were water pipes and garbage cans on fire in the corridor staircase on the 2nd floor. The fire department received a report to the scene and found that the cause of the fire was suspicious. After investigation, the police identified a man on suspicion of arson and arrested him on the spot, which was listed as arson. It is understood that Jiang Xisheng, a 44-year-old arrested man, reported to be a chef by profession, was sentenced to 2010 years and 6 months in prison for a serial arson case in Mong Kok in 4, which led to a third-degree fire in the stall of Fyuan Street.

Mr. Lee, a resident of the building, reported to Hong Kong 01 that since the end of last year to May this year, garbage cans have been set on fire many times on the 5nd to 2th floors of the building, in the same way, and he also pointed out that he has "called the police many times", but fortunately the fire did not spread, and no one and property were injured.

Mr. Li, a resident, said that the location of the fire last night was on the 2nd floor, and a garbage can was burned to the ground. (Provided by Mr. Lee)

The arrested man was involved in a series of arson at Garden Street in Mong Kok 12 years ago

Looking through the information, at about 2010 a.m. on December 12, 6, a man surnamed Jiang, who was reported as a kitchen worker, drank alcohol with friends until late at night because he was unhappy at work that night.

He set fire to the back alley of Union Square in Mong Kok, the hawker stall on Fin Street in Mong Kok, the back alley at 157 North Sai Yeung Choi North Street and the back alley at 37 Fook Wah Street in Sham Shui Po within half an hour; Among them, the fire in the stall of Huayuan Street once rose to level 3, and residents must be evacuated immediately. The fire was not controlled until 5 hours, burning a range of 70 meters by 3 meters, affecting 29 bunks and 49 stalls, causing property damage of more than 2000 million yuan.

When Sentencing in 2012, then High Court judge Wei Yizhi befriended Jiang for setting fire to Mong Kok, a densely populated area, with disregard for others. According to the defendant's background and psychological report, he had no abnormalities except for alcoholism, and was eventually sentenced to 6 years and 4 months in prison.

Tsu Po Kong Yanqing Building was frequently burned in garbage cans, and the chef was arrested in connection with the arson of Fyuan Street 12 years ago