Port Authority (TPA) Planning Director Dr Boniphace Nobeji said that as of June 2022 the ports served 20.5 million cargoes of those served in Dar es Salaam port were 18 million.

Speaking today at a conference held online and involving various development stakeholders, Dr Nobeji said that in recognition of this, there is a need to improve port services in general.

"The government has over the years continued to invest in ensuring it improves these services." Said Dr. Noge.

Meleck Sange, chairman of the Dry Port Operators Association, said there are currently 14 dry ports, which are empty boxes, and many are still overwhelmed by the load.

He said his strong belief that the investor will attract more ships to Dar es Salaam and they will get a bigger job.

"If you look at the investment that is currently taking place in the port we expect even the number of dry ports that we have will increase." Melanie said.

Chairman of the Association of Shipping Agents (TASAA), Daniel Mallongo said the port must have enough containers for ships to stay out of the way, to avoid the high cost so there must always be a raft of docks.

"In order for us to increase cargo at our Dar es Salaam ports, shippers must be ready to come to our ports." Daniel is a liar." Said.

Prominent businessman Azim Dewji said Tanzanians should understand that the port is not just for Tanzanians, Tanzania owns it but supports seven countries, so there is a lot of business that can be done."

"The contract is a business, once you make it clear another will come to fill the vacancy, so the government should not be too clear, we have to trust our leaders." He explained to the Ed.

KC Global Links CEO Chris Lukosi thanked the government for entering talks with the Dar es Salaam port investor.

"First of all, I thank the government for entering into negotiations to get this investment, because it is not the first time we have had an investor in Dar es Salaam port, so far the port is run by an investor." He explained to Chris Luko.

Tanzania Truck Owners Chairman Chuki Shabani has called for the quality of the port to be considered to get cargo, saying it should not be a port alone in the water, it should also be looked at how cargo will get to where it goes.

"Where there is an investment that is productive for us is most important, we would strongly like port investment to look at the port in its breadth as well as its roads." He said he hated the Devil.

"The port issue for us is very important, because without cargo we can't do business properly, if you hear there are eight countries that are stakeholders in our port, about 70 or 80 percent rely on transporting cargo through our trucks." He added.

TAFFA Executive Secretary Elitunu Mallamia explained there is a need for port investment because technology is moving forward, adding that investment in the port is high.

Another lawyer from the Lux Attorney's Office, Soba Sang'aya, said Tanzania is a constitutional country with a mechanism for international treaties that can be part of the law or enforcement within the country.