The giant yellow "rubber duck" returned to Hong Kong after a decade and was exhibited off Victoria Harbour at Tamar Park in Admiralty. The organizer held the opening ceremony at the Central Harbourfront today, attracting many members of the public to stop and take pictures of the yellow duck. Members of the public with glaucoma specially attended the opening ceremony, and although their vision was blurred, they were unhindered and believed that the yellow duck stayed in a better position than before, and there was more space on the nearby shore for the public to watch together.

▼June 6 From Kowloon, a pair of yellow ducks on the opposite shore swim in the early water▼


Mr. Ng, a citizen, said that he had seen the yellow duck when his vision was normal 10 years ago, but his vision was blurred due to the influence of glaucoma, but he did not want to watch the yellow duck, and today he specially accompanied by volunteers to take the Star Ferry to watch the yellow duck at sea. He believes that this exhibition is better than the last time, "big, close", plus the placement is relatively wide, not too crowded. He also pointed out that in the future, he will come again with visually impaired friends, "all happy and feel it."

Citizen Lai Sang stopped to paint before 11 a.m. this morning, saying, "It's easy to arrange large-scale and good works of art, so hurry up and paint low-level works as soon as possible." He pointed out that the two pairs of yellow ducks symbolize double happiness.


Citizens: Admire the giant ducks stationed in Victoria Harbour It is convenient to park at Central Pier

Ms Lau, a member of the public, took her children to see the yellow ducks at the Central Harbourfront today, and she recalled that when the yellow ducks first arrived in Hong Kong 10 years ago, she worked in Tsim Sha Tsui and saw them in her office every day. She thinks that placing two yellow ducks is cuter than one, "always two pairs are good, one seems to be lonely, like a lonely cold." She pointed out that two bright yellow giant ducks placed on the sea, with the night view of Hong Kong, I believe it can attract tourists.

Miss Gu, a member of the public, said that she took advantage of the opening to see the giant yellow duck to avoid the crowds, pointing out that she recalled watching the yellow duck ten years ago and sighed, "It's ten years soon." She also believes that it is better to place it at Central Pier this time to divert the crowds.

Mr. Zhang, a tourist from Shenzhen, took a photo with his two daughters and a giant duck. (Photo by Deng Yushi)

Mr. Zhang, a tourist from Shenzhen, said that the family had not seen Yellow Duck before, and today the two daughters dressed up as characters from "Frozen" appeared to "check in". The 8-year-old daughter and the 4-year-old daughter both praised the yellow duck for being fun and cute.

The rubber ducks will be on display in Victoria Harbour for two weeks from tomorrow, and one of them will "cruise" along Victoria Harbour's coastline on Father's Day, swimming from the sea of Causeway Bay to Tsim Sha Tsui and back to Central for about two hours.

▼June 6 A pair of yellow ducks swim in the early water▼


▼On June 8th, a pair of yellow ducks "launching the water" at night in Victoria Harbour▼


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