After 4.5 hours of placement and blowing after a 18-year visit to Hong Kong, two 9-metre-tall yellow ducks both stood on the seaside of Victoria Harbour in the west of the exhibition this morning (<>th), bathed in the morning water of Victoria Harbour before the sailing ceremony, and prepared to swim to the central Tamar Park to officially meet Hong Kong people later today.

The yellow ducks bathed in Victoria Harbour for the first morning, under the faint morning light, the pair of yellow bodies and red tsuits are even more eye-catching, it is expected that in about two weeks in Victoria Harbour, they will usher in one smiling face after another to take photos with them, shouldering the task of bringing joy, before departure, the twin ducks seem to be saying to the whole Hong Kong: Morning, we are here!

▼June 6 From Kowloon, a pair of yellow ducks on the opposite shore swim in the early water▼


▼June 6 A pair of yellow ducks swim in the early water▼


For the first time, Rubber Duck will sail Victoria Harbour with both companions to the Central and Western Promenade Central of Victoria Harbour from 6 June. (Provided by the organizer)

Kick off this morning Creator Hoffman appeared

The uninflated rubber ducks were carried by barge from Tsing Yi Dock to the west seaside of the new wing of the Wan Chai Convention Exhibition in the afternoon of yesterday (8th), and by about 7:<> p.m., they were successively moved to the sea by the boom to fix them, and then inflated one by one, each of which took about two hours, and finally finished before midnight. The two yellow ducks were full of spirit, both swimming on the sea surface of Victoria Harbour, with their ducks facing Kowloon and their butts towards Hong Kong Island, attracting many passing citizens to stop and watch throughout the night.

Yellow Duck|Appear at the Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Waterfront in the evening to complete the blowing "swimming" Victoria Harbour

Curatorial agency AllRights Reserved (ARR) held a preview day and launch ceremony for "Rubber Duck Duo Chang" at 11 a.m. this morning, where the two yellow ducks will "swim" from their mooring position to the central Tamar Park opposite the sea, where their heads will face Tamar Park, and the creator of the Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman will also attend. Although it will only be officially opened to the public tomorrow (10th), it will be visible from today.

▼On June 8th, a pair of yellow ducks "launching the water" at night in Victoria Harbour▼


▼May 5 Giant Yellow Duck Tsing Yi North Shore Test the Water▼


The exhibition is expected to last about two weeks, and the middle of Tamar Park is a viewing "beautiful spot"

Yellow Duck first came to Hong Kong in 2013 and was exhibited at the Tsim Sha Tsui Marine Terminal waterfront for about a month. After 16 years, the yellow duck has grown from 5.18 metres to 6 metres in height, and this year it has visited Hong Kong with another yellow duck. The yellow ducks will be exhibited from 10 June next to the sea adjacent to Tamar Park, and the exhibition period is expected to take about two weeks, depending on weather conditions.

It can be seen from the seaside in the west of the new wing of the convention and exhibition to Pier 9 and 10 in Central, as well as the waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui; However, the "beautiful spot" is, of course, the waterfront and observation deck in the middle of Tamar Park, and if too many people watch together, crowd control may be implemented.

The nine-day weather forecast issued by the Observatory on June 6 shows that there is a greater chance of sunshine for three consecutive days from Friday to next Sunday, which is conducive to viewing and filming. (Observatory photo)

▼June 6 Admiralty Station E skylight turned into a yellow duck duck head▼


Yellow duck wanders through 24 MTR stations Admiralty Station Duck Trail is everywhere Duck face skylight and other check-in places at a glance

▼June 6 MTR Admiralty Station is now yellow duck check-in tide▼


The nearest MTR Admiralty Station has been transformed into a limited-time "Rubber Duck Themed Station" since 6 June, with Entrance E becoming a "Rubber Duck Theme Exit", and a 1-metre-high giant glass skylight has been transformed into a fun duck face. Rubber ducks can also be seen in many places in the station, such as rubber duck footprints, water droplets, etc. for citizens to check in.

▼ Giant rubber duck 2013▼


Yellow Duck|Swim into Admiralty Station to change the check-in slot Ten years duck fan mother-in-law supports crutches "pilgrimage" Yellow duck travels to 24 MTR stations Admiralty Station duck tracks everywhere Duck face skylight and other check-in places at a glance Yellow Duck visits Hong Kong|From 6.10, escort tour Victoria Harbor on the sea surface of the Central Promenade Facing Tamar Park Yellow Duck Visit Hong Kong. Giant yellow duck beats the water to test the water "slow swim" across the Tingjiu Bridge and enters Victoria Harbour next month

Who created the giant yellow Rubber Duck?

Created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, the giant rubber duck has been published in Sydney in Australia and Sao Paulo in Brazil since its birth in 2007.

When will the yellow duck visit Victoria Harbour again?

Details will be announced on 6 June, and the Duck will be open to the public from 1 June, subject to weather conditions, and is expected to last about two weeks. The rubber duck is parked off the coast of Victoria Harbour, adjacent to Tamar Park and the Central and Western Promenade (Central).