In recent years, recruitment difficulties have arisen due to the decline in the number of applicants to the Force, but there are also many aspirants who have joined. Police officer Chan Yuet-jin, who is in his forties, said in an interview with the new issue of "The Police" that he had been engaged in glass installation works for more than 20 years and decided to join the police force after experiencing the anti-amendment incident in 2019 and the haze of company layoffs. He pointed out that joining the Force as a middle-aged person was not an easy task, requiring physical fitness and regaining his books, and his wife was even opposed for fear that his children would be bullied, but he still did not stop him from joining the Force.

Chan Yuet-jin joined the Force in his spare time and overcame various difficulties. (Hong Kong Police Force profile photo)

Middle-aged people joining the Force have difficulty exercising their physical fitness

According to the new issue of the "Voice" interview, Chan Yuet-jin has just graduated from the Police College and is currently stationed in the uniformed patrol squad of Wong Tai Sin District (Wong Tai Sin District). The 43-year-old has a son and a daughter who worked in glass installation projects for over 20 years before joining the Force, rising to the level of director. He pointed out that in 2019, there was an anti-extradition bill incident, and demonstrators were everywhere to destroy his stable life, until early 2020, when he was laid off due to the company's operating difficulties, so he decided to join the police force.

The middle-aged Chan Yuet-jin said that the road to joining the Force was not smooth, and he had to face many challenges from young competitors in terms of education and physical fitness, and his wife was also worried that his children would be bullied and opposed his joining the Force. In order to achieve his goal, he had to overcome difficulties one by one, first finding part-time work to solve livelihood problems, and then studying in his spare time, and often found time to run to exercise his physical fitness in order to meet the entry requirements. His perseverance in applying for the exam eventually impressed his wife and supported him in pursuing his dream of being a policeman.

Chen Yuejin shared the joy of graduation with his family. (Hong Kong Police Force profile photo)

It is not easy to pick up books in middle age Students tutor them

Chan Yuet-jin was admitted last year for the 27-week Recruit Police Basic Training Course, but there are still many challenges to face, especially when it is not easy to regain books in middle age, he admitted: "At that time, the test results were not satisfactory, and I was very worried that I would not be able to graduate." He said that he was fortunate to have been encouraged by the class teacher at the time to share his reading experience, and arranged for students with better academic performance to tutor him in the evening, so as to help him achieve his ideal results and join the Force as he wished.

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