At the meeting of the Inter-departmental Working Group on Hydrogen Energy led by the Environment Bureau yesterday (7th), it agreed in principle to apply for three additional hydrogen fuel pilot projects, including Sinopec Pilot Construction Hydrogen Refueling Station, MTR Corporation's Hydrogen Energy Tram Test in Tuen Mun, etc., together with the application agreed by the working group in March, a total of 3 pilot project applications have been approved so far. In addition, the meeting also reviewed the trial of hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty vehicles for street cleaning, which is expected to be carried out next year.

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A spokesperson for the Environment Bureau said today (8th) that the working group led by the Environment Bureau agreed in principle to the application for three more hydrogen fuel test projects at its meeting yesterday (7th). The projects agreed in principle include:

●Application submitted by Sinopec (Hong Kong) Limited to test the construction of a hydrogen refueling station in Yuen Long Gutou;
●Application submitted by MTR Corporation Limited to test the trial of hydrogen trams in Tuen Mun in a non-passenger form; and
● Application submitted by Lindegang Oxygen Co., Ltd. to test the use of hydrogen long-tube trailers to supply hydrogen to hydrogen energy trams.

The Working Group received the three pilot project applications between September and November last year, and then reviewed the applications and made comments to the applicants. After the applicant optimized the design and details of its project and ensured that the pilot project could proceed smoothly and safely, the Working Group agreed in principle to the application of the three projects at its meeting yesterday.

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The applications of MTR, Sinopec and Linde Oxygen were approved

The spokesman said that for the Yuen Long Concave Head Hydrogen Refueling Station, the use of the Yuen Long is subject to separate planning permission from the Town Planning Board. According to the objectives of the applicants, the Yuen Long Concave Head Hydrogen Refueling Station Pilot Project and two hydrogen-powered tram-related pilot projects will be launched in the middle of next year and the second half of next year respectively.

Together with the first three applications approved in principle by the Working Group on 3 March this year, the Working Group has reviewed and agreed in principle to the applications for the six pilot projects.

The Working Group will closely monitor the development of each project and continue to review other applications and request applicants to incorporate the views of the Working Group to optimise their pilot projects. The Government aims to prepare for future local applications and supporting construction through the interim standards adopted in hydrogen fuel technology projects and the data and experience collected as soon as possible.

Year-end test hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty vehicle street wash

The meeting also examined government departments planning to conduct tests of hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty vehicles for street cleaning through their contractors. The Environment Agency expects the trial to take place next year.

Completed research on hydrogen fuel during the year

In addition, the Government aims to complete the ongoing consultancy study on the development of technical guidelines for hydrogen fuel systems, hydrogen refueling stations and quantitative risk assessment within this year, and plans to engage consultants in the third quarter of this year to study the amendment of the Gas Safety Ordinance (Cap. 51) to cover the details of hydrogen fuel and conduct a business environmental impact assessment.

The Government will closely monitor the development of other new energy transport technologies and align with the development trends around the world to formulate practical green transport carbon reduction strategies for Hong Kong. The goal is to publish a roadmap for promoting electric public transport and commercial vehicles by 2025, as well as to develop a long-term strategy for the use of hydrogen energy in land transportation, helping to lead Hong Kong to achieve zero vehicle emissions by 2050.

The Working Group comprises the Environment Bureau, Transport and Logistics Bureau, Development Bureau, Security Bureau, Environmental Protection Department, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Fire Services Department, Transport Department, Marine Department, Planning Department, Lands Department, Buildings Department and Architectural Services Department.

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