Vicky Kaushal opens up about Katrina Kaif

New Delhi:

Vicky Kaushal, who is in the headlines for his personal life with Katrina Kaif, is in the headlines these days due to his professional life, due to his recently released Bollywood film Zara Hatke Zara Bachke with Sara Ali Khan. Which is earning tremendous earnings at the box office. Due to this, he is also busy in the interview. At the same time, in an interview, he has also talked about his and Katrina Kaif's married life, which you will say that they are like a common married couple.

In fact, Vicky Kaushal revealed in an interview with News Tak that his wife and actress Katrina Kaif holds meetings with employees at home every week regarding the budget. When asked about his married life during the promotions of Zara Hatke Zara Bachke, the actor said, "The funniest experience is when Katrina meets in the house every week, or every other week. She discusses the budget of the house with the entire staff. She keeps track of how the money is being spent and that's a very good thing. But when that discussion happens, I enjoy it. I sit with popcorn like an audience.

Did Katrina Kaif ever stop her from eating more parathas to avoid increasing fat? To this, the actor replied: "Our wedding is like a Paranthe Weds pancake. Both are similar in a way but they love pancakes. I like parathas very much. No, she also eats parathas. She loves my mother's handmade paratha.

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif had a grand royal wedding in Rajasthan in December 2021. On his married life, the actor had said that he is not a person who wakes up in the morning, while Katrina Kaif is always active after waking up. Vicky said that he needs at least 2 hours to get up properly in the morning or talk to someone and on the other hand, Katrina is always ready to discuss her plan for the day right after waking up. It's something for me that they are still trying to adjust.

What's the one thing about Katrina Kaif that's "weird"? Vicky Kaushal says on this. "Everyone knows her like a star Katrina Kaif, but when you know her as a human being, she is a simple and basic girl. A lot of people don't know this.

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