There is a dog abuse incident in Tsuen Wan! A zoological protection organization recently pointed out on the Internet with pictures and texts that on Monday (5th) evening, on the slope next to the organization's animal center, a two-month-old starling dog baby wrapped in a four-layer bag was found, dying at the time, and the former dog owner then rushed to the center to say that he bought the dog online, claiming that the dog only had infectious diseases, because he did not want to have a dog at home, so he decided to abandon the dog, the center took the dog to the animal hospital for rescue, and renamed it "Nice", and the veterinarian confirmed that Nice was not an infectious disease, but intussusception, Unfortunately, after nearly a day of rescue, it was finally confirmed that he was not cured.


Lifelong Animal Protection Charity said on Facebook that volunteers walked their dogs on the slope next to the adoption centre at 5 Tsuen King Wai this Monday (187th) evening, when they "found a black plastic bag containing a pet bag, and inside the pet bag was a very young starling BB wrapped in two layers of plastic bags, which was already dying under heavy wrappings". The volunteer quoted that the dog owner then arrived at the center, alleging that Starling "had an infectious disease... He said that he bought this BB online, but he had dog plague, and he took him to see two doctors, but they couldn't save them... I didn't want a dog to die, so I threw it out of the street."

The former dog owner said that after buying Nice online, he claimed that the dog only had infectious diseases, and because he did not want a dog to die in his family, he decided to abandon the dog. (Lifelong Animal Protection Charity Facebook photo)

The volunteer immediately sent Starling to the veterinarian for treatment, estimated that the dog was about two months old, his body temperature was 34 degrees at that time, although the condition was not optimistic, but did not go to the worst case, "the temperature was high and low, even after the first night, it still needed to be hospitalized for treatment", the volunteer renamed it "Nice", after two blood tests, the veterinarian confirmed that Nice did not have an infectious disease, but after taking an ultrasound, the veterinarian suspected that Nice had intussusception, that is, one section of intestine was inserted into another section of intestine. Food or water can cause blockages when it passes. The veterinarian continued to diagnose and treat, but by Tuesday (6th), Nice's condition took a sharp turn and eventually died.

The animal protection center criticized Nice's former owner for "not remorseing himself", and pointed out that "there are still so many people today who despise life so much", these "small animals are really not commodities, they are flesh and blood", some people are still buying pets online, behind the fact that animals are suffering in breeding farm cages, once again calling on the public not to buy animals in pet stores.