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The German government has demanded measures to protect the ladies in the audience of German heavy metal rock band Ramstein following allegations of sexual assault by the band's frontman.

Young people, in particular, need to be better protected from abuse, German family minister Lisa Paus told AFP as one of Europe's most famous heavy metal bands, Ramstein, is touring the continent.

The minister proposes the creation of protection zones for women during concerts, as well as the creation of teams that can react in case of sexual abuse. We need to discuss "swift and specific" protective measures, the minister said, saying that "a serious debate about the responsibility of artists and concert organisers to their fans would be useful".

Rammstein fan accuses Till Lindemann of drugging and hurting her

The band's vocalist Till Lindemann has been accused of sexual assault by several women, NDR and Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported in recent days. He is suspected of selecting young women from the front rows of the band's concerts, who were invited to parties after the concerts ended. Two of the invitees claimed to have participated in sexual relations against the will after being drugged at the parties, the group denied it.

According to the weekly Die Welt, the women in the front rows of the concerts were videotaped so that Lindemann, 60, could choose which of the fans would be invited behind the scenes to the band.

This week, Ramstein has four concerts at the Munich Olympic Stadium, which have been completely sold. Right in front of the stage, however, there will be no audience, in the Row Zero area, from which Lindemann allegedly chooses whom to invite behind the scenes.

The organiser informed that there would be no Row Zero and an after-party in Munich, Tobias Köhler, the spokesman for the Munich stadium where the band's concerts will take place, told AFP. Established in 1994, Ramstein has concerts planned in the coming weeks in France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria.

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