This new moon helps to adapt to new conditions and adapt to circumstances. A good time to think about your feelings, talk with loved ones about the most important things, says astrologer Marina Skadi (Marina Sokolova).

Gemini is the first sign of the element of Air, light, light and positive. In the days before and after the new moon in Gemini, even the most boring, pedantic people become a little windy and covenless. So you can afford to relax mentally, wake up a child in yourself and be a cheerful and charming person. A feeling of lightness and serenity will be in the air.

By the new moon on June 18, it is advisable to sum up the results of the previous month, finish sluggish affairs and open your heart to a new life. However, do not speculate about what will happen in years, because everything can change a hundred times. So it's better to enjoy the moment, live "here and now"! The new lunar month will be held in the rhythm of communication, conversations and communications. There are opportunities for movement and travel. People make decisions faster, think, implement plans and just as briskly build new ones.

On the day of the new moon on June 18, Saturn and Jupiter in a harmonious aspect that awakens the energy of good luck only with a responsible approach to business, purposeful and hard work. Planetary interactions contribute to social affairs, social activities, establishing useful contacts. Therefore, the period of the waxing moon (June 18 - July 3) is best suited for starting a new social cycle, moving to a new job, starting your own business. It's a good time to get legal advice, go to official authorities, seek protection and protection. Socially active forms of life develop quite harmoniously in the second half of June.

There are emotions at least during the new moon in Gemini, so the conclusions and decisions are mostly correct. The exchange of knowledge, information, connections is of mutual benefit. You can establish good neighborly relations, eliminate misunderstandings with relatives, solve problems with the car. A good time to meet friends, relax in the country and make new acquaintances. There is nothing to expect awkward pauses in the dialogue, because everyone will find exactly what to say, remembering an interesting life story in time. Various activities promote communication, and new contacts with people are formed much easier.

The ruler of the new moon in Gemini is Mercury, moving sign from June 11 to June 27. The planet in this sign is strong, which positively affects people's thinking. The main problem of the new moon in Gemini is that many people try to be super-efficient and do many tasks at the same time, which as a result gives the opposite result.

Mercury is the closest planet in the solar system to the Sun. Since its orbit has a small diameter, the planet, when observed from Earth, moves away from the Sun no more than 28 degrees to the left or right of our daylight. Near points of maximum distance from the Sun, called elongations, Mercury is visible to the naked eye shortly after sunset or shortly before sunrise. In Roman mythology, Mercury (among the Greeks - Hermes, the god of trade, intelligence, dexterity, deception, theft and eloquence, giving wealth and income in trade. Also, the god of gymnastics, the patron saint of young men. Later, he was credited with the functions of messenger of the gods and guide the souls of the dead to the underworld of Hades.

At the end of the IV century. BC Mercury also becomes the god of magic and astrology. It was believed that he invented letters, numbers, units of measurement and passed this knowledge on to people. Mercury is the son of Zeus and the nymph of the Maya mountains. He was born in the grotto of Mount Cilena (Arcadia). No one could surpass him in dexterity, cunning and ability to steal. The first theft Mercury did, while still in diapers – stole 15 cows from Apollo, tying branches to their feet to pave their tracks. Once as a joke, he stole a scepter from Zeus, a trident from Poseidon, golden arrows and a bow from Apollo, and a sword from Ares.

Mercury gave birth to large offspring: Hermaphrodite (mother - Aphrodite), Pana (mother - Dryope), Silenus (mother - Cybele), Autolicus (mother - Chion), Daphnis (mother - one of the nymphs) and Abder. The attributes of God were wide-brimmed hats, winged sandals and caduceus – the traditional winged rod of the herold (herald), capable of reconciling enemies. All these things were presented to him by Zeus for the invention of the lyre (musical instrument), the prototype of which was a turtle shell with bullish veins stretched over it.

The new moon in Gemini causes a craving for change and spontaneity. It is easy to think coolly, but try not to allow cold in your heart - this will alienate others. It is necessary to find a balance between reason and feelings. People are looking for mental support, the need for an intellectual partner, good conversations is growing.

Under the influence of the new moon on June 18 are the upper limbs - shoulders, forearms, arms, hands, fingers. Organs of speech, respiratory tract, bronchi, lungs, capillaries. Nervous system associated with coordination, motility (for example, movement in the intestine). These parts of the body, organs and systems are now the most sensitive and need attention.

Be attentive to what happens around on the days of the new moon, because despite all the positive qualities of the sign of Gemini, there is always a flip side to the coin. People become too changeable and unstable, the mood changes as quickly as thoughts. A pleasant conversation can quickly turn into irritability and conflict. Sometimes it can be difficult to get to the bottom of it, because many spray themselves on everything and everything. The story is the same in business: speed and turmoil do not contribute to the quality of work. Often, to achieve the goals, on the days of the new moon, Gemini lacks consistency and perseverance.

During the period of active energies, the sign of Gemini does not just hold concentration. But it is still important not to forget to feed your head not only with empty communication, but also with serious intellectual conversations. Try to fill your free time not with throwing from one idea to another (Gemini is duality), but to direct increased activity in the right direction. The new moon in Gemini opens the month of thirst for knowledge! Do not give up new courses, learn foreign languages – when you are not now close to studying.

It is the best time to negotiate, speak and exchange ideas. Enroll in courses, defend projects, publish bold journalistic materials, be active in social networks. The new moon in Gemini for many people will open new doors in entrepreneurial activity, expand opportunities for study and work.

Romantic stories in the near future most often begin with interest on a mental level, and not on an emotional one. If you are looking for a partner, try to be on the move, avoid monotony and then there is a chance to get into the flow of luck, to be in the right place, at the right time.

Especially sensitive and emotional personalities are very comfortable during the new moon in Gemini, because at this time most people become detached, even indifferent to their needs. I want fun, noisy companies, participation in social events, that is. everything that introverts do not like.

The new moon in Gemini on June 18 will give valuable clues to observant people, so try to notice every detail in the surrounding space, collect the necessary information, look for what interests you, establish connections with people close in spirit.

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