The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan has issued a statement regarding the construction of a factory on the border with armenia's Nakhchivan MR.

The EPA reports in a statement:

"Information and video footage have been posted on social media by Armenian Economy Minister Vahan Kerobyan regarding the construction of a large metallurgy plant with an annual production capacity of 16,500 tons in the village of Yerasx, Araz, which borders Azerbaijan and the Republic of Nakhchivan.

This means Armenia's next violation of international legal norms and principles, especially the unification of the UN Convention on the Evaluation of Environmental Impact in a Transboundary Context (Espo Convention).

Therefore, according to the Espo Convention, while the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women has a negative ecological impact on the territory of other countries, it should be agreed with the relevant institutions of the country and a document on the evaluation of environmental impacts.

Also, before armenia became a member of the Espo Convention, it was to ensure that the public participated in the process of evaluating the transboundary environmental impact in Azerbaijan and the affected areas.

We know that armenia's failure to comply with international law, including ecological legal norms, is not the first case. Some time ago, the Azerbaijani Espo Convention on the Construction of a new nuclear reactor in the territory of the Metsamor Atomic Power Station filed a claim against Armenia and ruled that Armenia did not comply with the terms of the Convention.

It is well-known that Armenia's mountainous industry has a profound negative impact on Azerbaijan's ecological environment. Armenia's large mining facilities—the Gacaran copper-molybdenum plant and the high-chemical production water of the Canaanite filtering industry—have long been intensely polluting the transboundary Oxchay.

These facts show that Such illicit activities in Armenia have become a threat not only to Azerbaijan but also to the ecological environment of the region as a result.

We strongly condemn Armenia's actions that undermine the region's ecological security and violate international legal norms, and we call on the international community to pay special attention to this issue."