During her working visit to Kharkiv, Olena Zelenska took part in a round table on the topic "The state of implementation of family forms of upbringing in the Kharkiv region", during which a program to support family forms of education was presented.

Olena Zelenska / Photo: Instagram of Olena Zelenska

"The whole country is now moving to family forms of upbringing, so that every child grows up with their parents, and not in an orphanage. Our regular partner and expert in this process is UNICEF. I think Kharkiv region will retain leadership, initiative and indifference here too. There are no other people's children in peacetime, especially no other people's children during the war," the First Lady said.

At the event, Zelenska appeared in a laconic black jacket and camel blouse. She did a neat hairstyle, makeup in natural shades and complemented the outfit with new jewelry - a transparent necklace with one golden ball and golden earrings.

Olena Zelenska / Photo: Instagram of Olena Zelenska

As a reminder, Olena Zelenska in an indigo color jacket online took part in a conference on the protection of children's rights, which took place in Sweden.

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